Vertical  Siding

Vertical SidingVertical siding is a design alternative to traditional clapboard (lapped horizontal) siding. This type of siding is installed perpendicular to the ground, and can be installed to highlight a particular external design element or to complete the entire home.

Cedar is the most common vertical siding material, as it provides natural beauty and rich coloring. The most common design for vertical siding is board-and-batten, which allows for environmental variance with the wood materials and gives the home a modern and ‘clean’ look.

Benefits of Siding Installed by Landmark Exteriors
Repels Insects: The cedar tree naturally produces its own oil, infused into its wood that acts as a natural insect repellent, turning wood-eating bugs like termites away.

Resists Rot: The cedar oil present in the siding resists wood rot, which makes cedar a good option for homes in climates that experience high humidity and other damp conditions.

Provides Insulation: Because cedar is a low-density softwood, less heat is transported through the wood, keeping heat from escaping in the winter and the cool air from escaping in the summer.