Prepping Your Home for Winter

When winter hits, it can be an expensive time of the year when it comes to that energy bill. You can assist your budget by addressing any leaks, gaps, cracks and minor repairs that will drive up your heating bill. Here are a few tips to prep your home for this winter season.

Roof Inspection and Repair

Because most ceilings are not air tight or insulated well enough, heated air will escape into the attic. When the attic is warming up with this air, any leaks or cracks in the roof will allow that hot air to further escape the rooms below. People then crank up their thermostats without realizing it’s because heat is constantly leaving the home through the ceiling. Up to 25% of heat escapes the home through the roof, so when snowfall arrives, this escaping heat can melt the snow as well, allowing moisture to enter the home through the roof. This can cause mildew / mold build up in the attic, causing a whole other headache of problems. Having a trained technician come out and inspect the roof and repair any damages could greatly help out your heating bill in the long run.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

Heat rises, which means the warmest point of a room can be the ceiling. If you have any rooms with ceiling fan, flipping the blades or running the blades in clockwise direction (check your owner manual for seasonal instructions) will assist the hot air to stay in the room longer. This is really beneficial for rooms with high ceilings, the air will begin to circulate instead of staying at the top of the room.

Window Repair

Check your windows for any cool breezes / cold spots you might feel coming in from the outside. Take the precaution and add caulk around all the windows inside and out. One of the better options is to have a trained technician inspect your windows inside and out. Some windows might need more than just caulk that would repair any leaks.

Clear the gutters

Clear out your gutters of debris. All the waste, leaves, rubbish that is in the gutters can cause water to back up against the house and damage the roofing, the siding and trim. This build up can also cause ice dams to build up. Avoid damage to your home by clearing these out.

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