Keeping Your Neighbors Happy During Renovation

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Home renovations are usually noisy, create debris, and run for an extended period of time. This may cause disturbances to your neighbors’ everyday routine. While your home is being improved, you can use this time to improve your relationship with your neighbors and keep them happy throughout the process.

Here are some ways you can keep the peace with the residents on your block during your home renovation:

Make your neighbors aware of the renovation before it happens.

This is the best way you can make sure your neighbors have a positive experience during your home renovation. Telling them in advance in person, over the phone, or by letter makes them feel considered and allows them to prepare for any disruptions that may arise.

Tell your neighbors about increases in property value.

Most renovations contribute to the resale value of your home, but certain jobs can also raise the property value of a neighboring home. Whether they’re considering moving or not, your neighbor may be quite happy to hear their property might increase.

Begin renovations later in the day.

Everyone enjoys peace and quiet when they first wake up, especially families with small children. The people on your block will wake up on the right side of the bed each morning during your renovation if you are able to push loud construction to the late morning or even in the afternoon.

Keep your construction area confined to your property.

Work with your contractor to make sure that your neighbor’s property is unaffected by any renovations done to your home — unless it is out of your ability to do so. Before any work begins, make sure to read your homeowners association (HOA) regulations regarding construction and refrain from blocking parking or roads.

Do your neighbor favors when you can.

Perhaps you fix something on your property that both you and your neighbor share — such as fencing or trimming an overgrown tree. Lending a helping hand can leave your neighbor feeling more tolerant during your renovation.

Invite your neighbors over when the work is done.

Hosting a dinner party to showcase the work done to your home will show your neighbors that you appreciate their patience during the process. It also gives you the chance to check in with nearby residents you do not already have a strong relationship with and hopefully create a stronger bond.

Utilizing these tips when planning your next home renovation will help the process go much smoother for both you and your neighbors.

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