How To Live in Your House Safely During Renovation

living at home during rennovation

Home renovation: It’s messy, it’s loud, and sometimes it smells. But that doesn’t mean you have to pack your bags.  Staying in your home allows you to closely monitor the progress in your home, and also eliminates any additional hotel costs that you would need to calculate into your renovation budget.  If you plan on staying put, make sure you have a plan for how to live in your home safely.

Determine Your Construction Schedule

You should be able to work with your contractor to create a schedule to know exactly when workers will be in your house, and when construction will begin each day. This not only ensures privacy and the ability to plan around work times, but also prevents any security system trips. If you do plan your construction during a time you will be away from the home such as a vacation or work trip, still be sure to stay in constant contact with your contractor.

Seal off Renovation-Free Areas

There’s no reason you cannot enjoy other areas of your home that aren’t construction zones. Your home will get messy no matter what, but you can contain dust in the areas that are being worked on. Make sure to specify which rooms workers should not enter to prevent any debris being tracked into other rooms.

Turn Off Your HVAC System

Dust is easily blown around homes if your air is turned on. You can open windows in living areas that are not affected by construction to keep cool, and you may also choose to utilize an air handler to filter dust and debris out.

Keep Kids and Pets Away

To avoid risk of injury or disturbance in the process, make sure that pets are either crated or kept separately from any work areas in you home. Sit down and talk with young children before construction begins and tell them what rooms they must avoid so they do not get hurt or create a delay in the construction.

Wear Shoes at All Times

You never know what’s going to be on the floor of a construction site. If you wouldn’t walk barefoot on a work zone outside, don’t walk barefoot inside your home! Nails, glass and other work materials could be lying around until the construction is cleaned up. Assure that when the work does stop, workers clean up any loose debris and do a full cleaning for yourself to ensure nothing is left behind.
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