How the Winter Weather Affects Your Roof

Prepare for Your Roof for Winter

At Landmark Exteriors, we know that winters in Connecticut can be harsh and long. Not only will your snow boots take a beating, but so will your roof. With winter approaching quickly, now is an excellent time to go over the many ways the winter weather can affect the strength and structure of your home’s roof.

Wind Damage

Winter storms generally are accompanied by gusty winds. Strong winds can damage the roof by ripping shingles off. Ice and snow lying on the roof weaken the shingles, causing them to become loose and brittle. High wind can also knock branches from trees onto the roof or cause low hanging branches to bang the roof in the wind. These branches can easily remove shingles and puncture holes in your home’s structure.

Snow And Water Damage

If you live in an area where it snows consistently during the winter months, the snow can build up for days onto the roof. Snow becomes very heavy over time and can cause the roof to cave in completely. Snow also melts, and depending on the shape of the roof could be problematic as well. Water from melted snow could drain and seep into cracks of the roof and under shingles causing mold and rotting.

Proper Winter Roof Maintenance

Before winter begins, it is always a good idea to trim any low hanging tree branches away from your roof. Gutters should also be inspected to make sure they are clear and can drain melting snow adequately. You can easily hire a professional roofing company to inspect the gutters and look over the roof for any loose shingles or weak spots and have them repaired before more significant issues develop. 

After a bad winter storm season, your roof should be inspected thoroughly again to make sure no damage occurred. Prepare your roof for winter now and enjoy all the season has to offer instead of worrying about repairs. 

Landmark Exteriors Home Care division provides an extensive list of services to keep your home in great shape. From roof maintenance to gutter and siding repair, we can help prep your home for winter now before snow hits! Contact us today to set up an appointment. (203) 838-3838

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