What Kind of Siding is Best for Cold Weather?

The Best Siding For Your Connecticut Home

When you choose new siding for your home, it’s important how it will stand up against the winter storms we’re accustomed to here in Connecticut. Many homeowners make decisions about their home’s exterior based on aesthetic purposes only —  and, they don’t know what kind of siding to choose or what material serves as the best. Here’s what you need to know before you make a decision.

Types of Siding Materials

When it comes to siding there’s a lot of materials to choose from:


Wood is a classic choice for sliding materials. It doesn’t always serve as the best kind of siding material as it doesn’t protect much from the cold weather and can be expensive. One thing to take into account is that wood can warp and expand in winter conditions.


Our exclusive product is part polymer and highly refined paraffin oil. The key ingredient in Cedar-Life products is a high-solid penetrative coating for extending the service life of the cedar. It restores the moisture content, helps it to stay flexible, and is designed to enhance its structural integrity and appearance.


Vinyl is an alternative to wood as it has a similar appearance but is cheaper in terms of costs and doesn’t require much maintenance.

Brick or Stone

This type of material is durable in cold weather and resistant to harsher climates. In cold weather, brick and stone siding is energy efficient and can store heat.

Fiber Cement

This material is a composite made out of a blend of sand, cement, and cellulose. It’s similar to wood in appearance yet is cheaper than vinyl.

When it comes to choosing a material, Cedar-Life and brick or stone siding are some of the best choices. Not only is brick or stone relatively low in cost, but the material also requires little maintenance, and retains its heat. 

Cedar-Life delays the onset or return of mildew and algae and will improve the structural integrity of the roof or siding. If you have any questions about upgrading your roof or need a repair, contact our team of experts at (203) 838-3838.

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