Choosing the Right Siding Color For Your Home

Your house is your home, and making your home exterior look finished and attractive can be a challenge. Picking siding for your home can seem tricky, but the right color siding can make your home stand out and give it the curb appeal you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s blue or yellow, every home has a siding color that fits just right. Here are some tips on helping you find the perfect color siding for your home:

Look Around the Neighborhood

A significant first step on deciding a siding color is driving around your neighborhood and getting an idea of what looks you like or dislike. Also, consider your neighbors’ homes and determine if you want to match or stand out from the houses near you. 

Set the Tone For Your Home

Deciding the tone for your exterior is an essential next step. Decide whether you want to utilize warm tones like reds or yellows, or cool tones like blues and greens. Warm tones are more bright and energizing, while cool tones are more cozy and relaxed.  

Match Your Roof and Other Exterior Elements

You want your home to look finished and have all the exterior elements match. Make sure to consider the color of your roof, trim, windows, and other exterior features.  

Look at Plenty of Samples

Ask for siding samples or get some color swatches to test out how different colors look on your home. Look at your samples on different areas of your house and see how it looks next to all your other exterior elements.

Be Mindful of How Colors Look at Different Times of Day

Siding colors will look different depending on the lighting and time of day. So make sure to keep that in mind and look at your color samples under different lights or on the side of your house at different times of the day.  

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