Common Connecticut Birds to Look Out For in Your Backyard

Bird watching is a great way to appreciate nature and all the amazing wildlife in your surroundings. Some of the most beautiful birds can be found in your own Connecticut backyard! Here are some of the most common birds to look out for while enjoying some fresh air at home:

American Goldfinch

These sweet little birds are easy to spot with their bright yellow plumage. Their black heads and tails help the yellow to pop even more. You’ll likely hear them making a very high pitch, short, chirping sounds. Make sure to leave out some birdseed specifically with sunflower seeds in it to keep these birds coming back!

American Robin

The American Robin is the state bird of Connecticut, so of course, you’ll be seeing them around! Their coloring varies but they typically have a gray or black head, red chest, and brown back. Their diet consists of insects, worms, fruits, and berries. Because of their diet, they can stay up north much longer than other birds as they can rely on eating winter berries.

Baltimore Oriole

The Baltimore oriole, with colors of yellow and black that match their cities baseball team, might be far from their original home in Maryland up here in Connecticut, but can actually be found all over North America! Their thick, pointed beaks allow them to eat insects, fruit, nectar, and seeds. Listen for a loud, bold, echoing chirp if you think one might be around.  

Barn Swallow

Barn swallows are the most widespread of the swallow species and can be found all over the world. When it comes time for their breeding season, they often use man-made structures, often barns, to make their nests, hence how they got their name! They have beautiful, deep blue colored wings with sometimes white spots, with an even darker blue tail, and reddish-orange face and chest. Look out for these swallows as they dive down quickly to catch their preferred prey; insects!

Black-Capped Chickadee

These birds are highly characterized by their bold and curious nature. They can often be seen eating directly from people’s hands and are not afraid to get up close and personal. Just like the name, they have a black head and chin, with white by their cheeks and chest, and a dark tail. Black-capped chickadee’s love to eat their favorite caterpillars and other insects, but will resort to eating winter berries so they can stay up north during the cold-weather seasons. To help them survive, they also like to store food in secret hideaways that they can recall for up to 28 days after hiding food there!

Northern Cardinal

The iconic northern cardinal can easily be spotted with their bright red plumage and dark-colored face. These birds love to eat seed and will sometimes even feed each other when seeking a mate. These birds as well love to get loud and have a variety of different sounding chirps depending on what they are trying to tell their fellow northern cardinals.

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