Tips for Safely Cleaning Your Gutters

Owning a home can feel like a never-ending list of chores and to-dos. And with every season comes a new list of priorities to consider. 

When the autumn weather starts to turn the outdoor leaves, and they slowly begin to fall, many of these to-dos involve cleaning up—one of the major ones being your gutters. Though you might be spending most of your weekends raking and bagging these leaves off your lawn, now is the time to ensure they are removed from your gutters too. 

However, like any other household project, you’ll want to keep some safety measures in mind, especially if you don’t plan to hire a professional for the job. 

So, before you get out the ladder and begin your season cleaning, you’ll want to keep these three gutter tips in mind: 

1. Remember Proper Ladder Safety 

No matter what the task at hand is, when you take out your household ladder to use, you should always inspect it for any damage. Look for any dents, loose parts, and sturdiness. A wooden ladder should be avoided, as they are often challenging to balance.

Before you start, inspect the surrounding area, make sure you have a dry, steady surface to place it on, and consider always having a spotter or someone nearby if an emergency arises. 

Chances are, the leaves you’re cleaning from the gutters are sitting on the ground around your home, too. If it recently rained, these wet leaves can create the perfect environment for a careless ladder slip. So, make sure that you inspect your surroundings and take all safety precautions before your climb. 

2. Consider Protective Gear

Leaves might not be the only debris living up in your gutters; a good pair of gloves will help ensure your hands stay dry and unharmed through the process. Consider wearing your spring and summer garden gloves to get the job done.

Proper footwear is also a must. In some cases, you might need to take a few steps on the roof, making rubber-soled slip-proof shoes the best and safest option. Not to mention, it can also help your feet stay sturdy as you climb the ladder. 

3. Look for Signs of Damage 

As you begin declogging your gutters, keep a close eye on the shape they are in, and check for any damage. Look for any leaks in the seams, and if there is any standing water, your gutters might not be adequately sloped. Check that they are securely attached and schedule a repair before winter hits. 

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If you notice any damage during your seasonal gutter cleaning, the team at Landmark Exteriors is here to help. From professional gutter cleaning to custom systems, Give us a call at (203) 838-3838 or contact us to see how we can keep the exterior perfect for the season to come. 

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