Trees to Plant This Fall

close up of planting a tree in garden

While spring is the season that comes to most people’s minds when talking about planting or gardening, fall is another great time of year to redesign your home’s landscape. 

Don’t wait till the warmer weather arrives to make changes to your property. Fall is the perfect time to plant some beautiful trees you’ll be able to enjoy all year long. Roll up those sleeves, and get your planting started now!

Benefits of Fall Planting

Taking the time to plant new trees in the fall allows for extra growing time before the warmer seasons when you’ll want to enjoy the trees’ presence and beauty the most. The combination of the cooler temperatures and heavy rain totals throughout the fall season helps trees establish their roots well into the soil, allowing them to adjust and grow easier when the summer arrives. 

While many believe that most trees aren’t capable of handling harsh winters, that is for sure not the case. Trees go dormant, similar to an animal’s hibernation, in the winter months. This sleep-like state allows trees to slow down their growth and metabolism to survive. When the warmer weather returns, they leave this state and continue their development.

Types of Trees To Plant During The Fall Season

Consider planting these trees on your property this autumn for a new, beautiful addition to your landscape:

  • Honey locust – These trees produce beautiful fall colors each year and grow to heights of around 30 feet. Common around New England, honey locust can be planted any time between the spring and fall and require much care, water, and sunlight to grow to its potential.
  • Weeping willow – Elegant and classic, the weeping willow is a tree that impresses with its beautiful sweeping, bright, falling branches. Plant this tree during the fall as it can last through freezing temperatures, but be careful to avoid planting near pipes or septic systems since they have an aggressive root system.
  • October glory red maple – This type of maple tree will indeed brighten up your property in the fall with its bright red leaves. This tree is also reasonably low-maintenance and can survive the harshest of winters.
  • Thuja green giants – Known for their bulky green branches that make the perfect ready-made privacy fence, the thuja green giant tree is suited for planting all-year-round. Thuja trees are also easy to plant and not challenging to grow.
  • Jane magnolia – If you’re already thinking spring, consider planting a jane magnolia tree that blooms beautiful, delicate flowers in the warmer seasons. This easy to grow, low-maintenance plant will live through the harsh winter, making it a perfect cold-weather tree to plant.
  • Bloodgood Japanese maple – Unlike other maples, the bloodgood produces scarlet-colored foliage all year-round that will be sure to boost your curb appeal. As well, the roots are well-behaved, and they can grow in either full or partial sun.

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