Spring Yard Cleanup Checklist

Green wheelie bin / garden waste container and broom filled with fruit and vegetable waste, garden waste, organic waste for composting and fermentation. Recycling garbage for a better environment.

Spring is in full swing! How does your lawn look? If you’re like most people, you’re noticing some dead areas, little green color, and grass that needs some serious TLC. When you’re doing your spring cleaning, don’t forget to add yard maintenance to your list so that it can be happy and healthy all summer long.

Take a look at some tips to help you with your yard cleanup:

Grab Your Rake

You’ll want to start by clearing up all the debris that has been left behind from the cold weather months. You might find dead leaves, dead grass, pinecones, sticks, and more. Clear it all out so you can start fresh with a clean yard, and don’t forget to go in your gardens to clean up around your plants and shrubs as well

Perennials and Grasses

Grab those pruning shears and get to work! Ideally, you want to prune flowering perennials to be a high of about 4 inches, and ornamental grasses should be pruned to about 2 inches so they can grow and thrive for the season. Dig up any perennials that are damaged and where the soil has thawed or where there is overcrowding. 

Lawn Care

It’s time to give your lawn some attention. Prepare for seeding by raking up any dead areas and testing the soil’s pH levels to fix any issues. Gather your seed, fertilizer, and compost to prepare for new, healthy grass growth. With plenty of water and care, your lawn will look green, healthy, and bountiful before you know it!

Don’t Forget Your Trees And Shrubs

The cold, windy, and snowy weather may have hurt some of your trees and shrubs, so begin your care by pruning any dead or damaged branches off. You’ll also want to use your shears to help shape any hedges to get a more consistent and even growth as the season continues.

Give Your Other Yard Elements a Lookover

Check your pathways and patios for cracks, damages, and debris that needs to be cleaned up or fixed. Grab your pressure washer and give those surfaces a shiny clean that will have your neighbors impressed all season long. As well, check out your fences and ensure they are sturdy and don’t need any repairs.


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