How To Celebrate Arbor Day at Home

Multi-generation family working together and taking care of new plant at their backyard

Arbor Day, which means “tree” day translated from the Latin word for tree, arbor, is a national holiday that celebrates the maintenance, planting, and preservation of all trees. In 1872 in Nebraska, Arbor Day began when a journalist named Julius Sterling Morton led an initiative where approximately 1 million trees were planted by himself and others volunteering. Their newly started tradition then spread, and this holiday is still celebrated by many today!

If you’re looking to celebrate Arbor Day this year, here are a few things you can do at home: 

Get Planting

Get out in your yard and get to work! Planting a tree will require you to get your hands a bit dirty, but the results will be amazing:

  1. First, decide which tree is suitable for your property. You’ll want to consider how it will grow and look over time, how much care, sun, and water it needs to thrive, and which trees work best in your climate.
  2. Next, you’ll want to find the perfect spot for planting where there is enough room for it to grow.
  3. Lastly, prepare your soil, plant your tree in the ground, and water it.

Tend The Trees On Your Property

Give the existing trees that are a part of your home’s landscape some love! Go outside and give them a good watering, clean up any dead leaves or branches, trim any wild and unwanted branches, or add mulch to the soil to control weeds and maintain moisture. Now your trees can continue to grow happily and healthily.

Visit a Local Park and Clean Up

Take a trip to a park nearby your home. Grab some garbage or recycling bags and clean up! Litter can harm the environment, including the trees and the animals that call those trees home. This simple task makes a difference and will make the park a more enjoyable place to play and admire nature for everyone.

Support Organizations That Plant and Protect Trees

Another way to celebrate Arbor Day is to support a charity that works to plant or protect trees! A quick donation of any amount can help make a difference. You can also research stores and companies that donate money to these organizations or plant trees when you make a purchase.

Enjoy and Appreciate Nature

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the nature around your home. Breathe in some fresh air and marvel at the beautiful trees on your property. Have a happy Arbor Day!


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