Caring For Your Flowers in The Summer

Garden - elevated view

There’s nothing quite like some beautiful flowers to decorate with and enjoy across your home’s landscape! There are so many different species of flowers you can plant at home, but it’s important to be aware that they’ll need lots of extra care during the summer months to help them beat the heat.

Here are some summer flower care tips to help keep your plants blooming and healthy all season long:


The process known as deadheading is removing spent flower buds from your perennials and annuals to keep them blooming. Once a flower’s budding cycle is complete, that flower will drain lots of energy as it tries to develop seeds, which can prevent other buds from blooming. Use a hand pruner to remove these spent flower heads quickly and easily.

Fertilize Properly

A healthy garden starts with healthy soil, so add fertilizer to the ground if your plants need it. Yellowing leaves or plants that aren’t blooming signifies that the soil isn’t enriched enough and needs some help from fertilizer or compost.

Look For Disease

If you’re noticing black spots, powdery mildew, or aphids, a type of bug, on your flowers, they need some help. First, consider whether your plant has enough air circulation; plants too close to each other are more prone to disease. Second, focus on disease prevention. To prevent plant disease, avoid watering at night, and water directly to the soil and not from the top. Some organic extracts and oils may also help prevent disease, so be sure to talk to your local gardeners for advice. 

Weeding is Necessary

Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding those weeds, but it’s necessary to spend the time to get rid of them. Weeds compete with your plants to get nutrients and moisture, so they must be removed if you want healthy flower growth. The sooner the better, as once weeds seed, they will continue to spread and spread.

Plenty of Water

Those high temperatures can cause devastation to your plants, so they’ll need daily watering to stay healthy. If the temperatures are exceptionally high, with no clouds in sight and no rain in the forecast, be sure to give them some extra nourishment through deep watering.

And don’t forget, adding beautiful flowers to your landscape to match your home’s roofing or siding is a great way to add curb appeal!


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