Home Exterior Color Trends For 2021

facade of home with manicured lawn, and backdrop of trees and blue sky

Are you thinking about doing some updating to your home’s roofing system or siding? Maybe a color change is in order! If you’re trying to find some inspiration for a color scheme perfect for your house, the 2021 exterior color trends are a great place to look. 

Take a look at this year’s top home exterior color trends:

Warm Whites

Like how the weather is warming up, so are the preferred home color palettes, starting with white! Homeowners are loving the trend of using organic materials such as wood, rocks, and greenery to decorate their home’s exterior. A friendly, warm white pairs perfectly with these elements to make them pop rather than blending in with the environment.  

Pale Grays

Over recent years, the popularity of using light grays for home design has decreased, but that changes now! To balance warm white accents, pale grays or grays with green undertones have been a popular color of choice. 

Beige and Tan

Another set of popular warm colors for this year include tan and beige. Both calming and comfortable, shades of tan and beige pair well with nature and are a classic option for various architectural styles. 

Light and Mid-tone Blues and Greens

Blues and greens are still popular home color choices, and this year, the pale and mid-tones of these cool colors are increasing in popularity. These shades of blue and green manage to help your home stand out while also instilling a sense of calmness, beauty, and home.

Dark Brown and Black

Though dark colors covering a home’s exterior is typically a home design no-no, many homeowners are giving the style a try! Dark brown and black are making their way into the home design circuit this year for their sleek and modern feel. It’s quite a statement!


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