Can I Get My Roof Replaced During The Fall?

Front closeup of house during day over garage with gray color Single Family Home and roof shingles and ladder during repair

Simply put, yes! The fall season is a great time to finally get that roof replacement you’ve been putting off for years. 

Take a look at these four reasons why autumn is the ideal time of year to get a roof replacement done:

Pleasant Weather For Your Roofers

The cooler temperatures and reduced heat make for more enjoyable and comfortable working conditions for your roofing team. The spring and summer heat can be exhausting while working on a roof, and the winter is just too cold.  

Repair Any Summer Damages

The summer weather’s intense heat, humidity, and heavy storms can create many problems for your roofing system. A fall roof replacement ensures that those issues won’t be a problem moving forward into the other seasons.  

Quicker Installation

The cooler temperatures and dryer climate help your roofers to work longer days and much quicker, helping move along the time your roof installation will take. The fall weather will also help speed up the drying time for the roofing sealant, allowing your roof to be finished quicker than in other seasons. 

Winter Takes a Toll On Any Roofing System

Winters in the Northeast are no joke, and your roof takes the brunt of it. The heavy snow, hail, and winds can lead to various damages, especially leaks, which can be more difficult to repair during winter. Getting a roof replacement before the cold season starts can prevent the worry and risk of any severe damages due to the intense weather. 


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