How Do I Remove Leaves From My Roof?

Looking up at yellow Sugar Maple leaves stuck in a white K-Style gutter against a blue sky. This is a homeowner's night mare, trying to keep up the maintenance on their gutters from fall leaves and other debris, if not there can be water problems for the roof and around the house

Autumn is here, which means those leaves will fall and make a mess before you know it. With the many lists of things homeowners have to worry about, leaves piling up on your roof may not be one of them, but it’s something important to consider, and here’s why:

Why Do You Need to Remove Leaves From Your Roof?

If you ignore your leaf piles on the roof, the dead foliage will decay and eventually cause moisture to be trapped against any roof shingles. With this trapped moisture, mold and algae are likely to grow, causing serious and costly damage. 

Also, the leaves will eventually make their way into your gutter system, causing clogs and preventing water from being safely drained away from your home. This is especially a concern if you haven’t taken the time to clean out your gutters during the fall season. 

How to Get Rid of Leaves on Your Roof

Unfortunately, the strong winds may not be enough for them to blow off completely to let you avoid any concern. Taking a hands-on approach to removing your roof’s leaves is the best to ensure there are no issues — and here are your best options:

  • Roof rake – You can buy a roof rake from your local store that helps you brush off leaves from your roof while safely standing on the ground. A broom attached to an extension pole can also work if you don’t want to purchase a roof rake.
  • Blower – If you have a ladder handy and someone to help hold it steady, you can take your leaf blower up and quickly blow all the leaves off your roof. 
  • Call a professional – Give your local roofers a call for help cleaning off and inspecting your roof, so you don’t have to worry. 

The tool you use will depend on the pitch of your roof and your comfortability, but calling a professional for help and advice is always your best bet. 

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