Winter Damages To a Home’s Exterior to Watch For

Vintage building icy downpipe and roof with icicles. Cold winter weather concept

The winter weather never fails to be intense and can wreak havoc on the outside of your house. As a homeowner, it is important to know how exactly the cold temperatures and ice can cause damage and concerns. Here’s what to look out for this winter season:

Snow and Ice on the Roof

Winter weather takes a toll on your roofing system. The continual condensation and freezing process can lead to loosening and broken shingles and leaks, especially if your roofing system has been inspected recently or properly maintained.  

Ice Dams 

Those icicles, also called ice dams, hanging off the side of your roof may look beautiful, but they are very dangerous and not a good sign. The heavy ice weighs on your gutter system and can easily cause breaks. Water will also build up because there is nowhere for it to safely flow away from your home and can cause damage. Keep an eye out and carefully try to melt or break the ice dams when they appear.  

Siding Damage 

Your siding is a crucial layer of protection for your home during the winter months, making it vulnerable to damages from cold temperatures and storms. Some signs of damaged siding include warping, paint peeling, mold, mildew, and rot. Be sure to address any issues as soon as possible before they persist and worsen.

Walkways and Driveway Cracks

The cold can also cause problems for your walkways and driveway. Ice can create cracks in the concrete, and asphalt and salt can wear the surfaces even further. These cracks can lead to algae growth and leave openings for melted ice to seep into and then refreeze and grow. These spots will require dilling and the removal of any moss or algae that has developed.    

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