New Year’s Resolutions For Your Roofing System

A new year is beginning, which means it’s time to think about your goals. If you’re a homeowner, why not include caring for your roof in those resolutions of yours? Your home is one of the biggest and most important investments you’ll ever make, so making homecare a priority year after year should always be on your list.  

Your roof, specifically, is one of the most important aspects of your house, and many homeowners continue to ignore the care and maintenance they need to get the most out of your investment. In the new year, make these resolutions for your roof to ensure its working and looking its best:

Get a Professional Inspection

One of the best ways to ensure your roof is in good condition is to get periodic inspections. As a homeowner, you can look around your roof for any signs of damage when you’re outside, but having a professional come take a look once or twice a year is essential. An expert will be able to spot missing or broken shingles, look for signs of mold growth, holes, and potential problems as well. Additionally, getting regular inspections can help you prevent costly repairs down the road.

Get Repairs Done 

If you are told you need repairs done after your inspection, don’t wait. Since roofs have to continuously handle the harsh elements, damages can get worse quickly, making them more costly. Even if there are just minor issues, it’s always better to get them fixed right away.  

Keep It Clean

Another important way to increase the longevity of your roof is keeping it clean! Start by making sure trees around your house are trimmed back, and any debris is removed. Moreover, depending on your roofing material, make sure it is being properly maintained. For example, if you have a cedar roof, regular cedar shingle maintenance is needed to keep it looking great and doing its job.  

Don’t Ignore Your Gutters

A home’s gutters are also an important part of the roofing system; make sure they get the attention they deserve as well. Gutters and downspouts collect debris which leads to clogs, so don’t forget to give them a thorough cleaning at least twice a year. In addition, if there are any damages, don’t wait to get those fixed either. 

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