A Guide to a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Give Your Home a Good Cleaning

From your dining room to your bathrooms, make sure that all the main living spaces in your home are clean and ready for your friends and family. Doing a large cleaning a few days before Thanksgiving and then a smaller cleaning the day-of is the best way to make sure your home is as pristine as possible.

Clean Out the Fridge

Don’t stop the cleaning at the living room! Your fridge is about to have a large, large bird sitting in it waiting to be cooked — which means you need a lot of space! Clean up any items that can be tossed away, and move other items around in order to create room for platters, your turkey, and other dishes.

Prep Dishes Early

From desserts to side dishes, don’t leave all the cooking for the last moment. If you can make anything ahead of time, especially items that are served cold, get to prepping! Be sure to also give yourself plenty of time to defrost that turkey.

Take Help When It’s Offered

Just because you’re hosting Thanksgiving, doesn’t mean that you have to do all of the work. If your house guests or family members offer their help — don’t turn it down! There’s plenty of chopping, table-setting, and dish-washing to do (you can even volunteer your kids as tribute).

Tidy Up the Porch

Your porch is the first impression your house guests will have of your hosting skills, so don’t disappoint! This means adding some last-minute fall decor to the porch such as a wreath or a few lights.

Prepare Your Exterior For the Holidays

Whether it’s a loose shingle or damaged siding, our experts at Landmark Exteriors have the skills to get your home’s exterior looking fresh for the holiday season. Give us a call today to book an appointment. (203) 838-3838  From all of us at Landmark Exteriors, we hope you have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving with your family!

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