Home Exterior Trends for 2020

Home Exterior Decor Trends For 2020

If you’re looking to spruce up the exterior of your home this year, there are some new and exciting trends that you should be aware of. The following are some of the top home exterior trends for 2020.

Dark Colors

Dark trims or accents are all a popular choice across the country, and proves to be a great style for any type of home. Deep charcoals are popular and so are burgundy reds. You can find the shade you like and have the accents installed on the outside of your home.

Inside to the Outside

The outside of your home can be as comfortable as the inside. Large decks are in style, and they’re large enough to have hot tubs or fire pits. Gazeboes are great for shade and entertaining. Outdoor kitchens and bars are also popular. Now you can have some of the comforts from the inside of your home outdoors.

Dark-on-Dark Color Palettes

In addition to using the dark accents outside, the entire color of your home can be dark. Dark siding is accented with some dark trim. Natural wood tones are in and you can find a great shade for your home.


Windows have always played a role in exterior home design. Now, windows and sliding glass doors are getting even tall. Floor to ceiling windows and doors are popular. These glass doors will make your home functional and they will let natural light into your home.

Grey Colors

Grey is one of the most popular neutral colors and now it is being used on the exterior of the home. There are many different shades of grey that you can select from. They range from lighter shades to almost black. The deeper the grey color the more appealing it will be in 2020.

Durable Materials

Durable and higher quality materials are being used on the exterior of the home. They will improve the look and the function of the home. Fiber cement siding is being used as it can repel fire and insects. It is low maintenance and will last for many years.

These are some of the most popular exterior home design trends that will be seen in 2020. These designs are modern and will increase the curb appeal of your home. Keep in mind that Landmark Exteriors can help you with any of these projects. Contact us today at (203) 838-3838 or online for a free consultation.

What Kind of Siding is Best for Cold Weather?

The Best Siding For Your Connecticut Home

When you choose new siding for your home, it’s important how it will stand up against the winter storms we’re accustomed to here in Connecticut. Many homeowners make decisions about their home’s exterior based on aesthetic purposes only —  and, they don’t know what kind of siding to choose or what material serves as the best. Here’s what you need to know before you make a decision.

Types of Siding Materials

When it comes to siding there’s a lot of materials to choose from:


Wood is a classic choice for sliding materials. It doesn’t always serve as the best kind of siding material as it doesn’t protect much from the cold weather and can be expensive. One thing to take into account is that wood can warp and expand in winter conditions.


Our exclusive product is part polymer and highly refined paraffin oil. The key ingredient in Cedar-Life products is a high-solid penetrative coating for extending the service life of the cedar. It restores the moisture content, helps it to stay flexible, and is designed to enhance its structural integrity and appearance.


Vinyl is an alternative to wood as it has a similar appearance but is cheaper in terms of costs and doesn’t require much maintenance.

Brick or Stone

This type of material is durable in cold weather and resistant to harsher climates. In cold weather, brick and stone siding is energy efficient and can store heat.

Fiber Cement

This material is a composite made out of a blend of sand, cement, and cellulose. It’s similar to wood in appearance yet is cheaper than vinyl.

When it comes to choosing a material, Cedar-Life and brick or stone siding are some of the best choices. Not only is brick or stone relatively low in cost, but the material also requires little maintenance, and retains its heat. 

Cedar-Life delays the onset or return of mildew and algae and will improve the structural integrity of the roof or siding. If you have any questions about upgrading your roof or need a repair, contact our team of siding contractors today at (203) 838-3838.

Preventing Damage When Taking Down Holiday Decor

The holidays are over, and now you’re faced with putting away decorations until next year. You may be tempted to get the chore done as quickly as possible. However, when it comes to removing Christmas lights and decorations from your home, you should consider your safety and the care of your home’s exterior. 

Here are some tips to guide you through the process.

Tips for Taking Down Holiday Lights Safely

  • Unplug lights and decorations before removal.
  • Choose a ladder that provides a secure foundation and height. Be sure to have someone to help you keep the ladder steady.
  • Do not pull on a light strand when removing them. This may damage your lights as well as your exterior.
  • Take your time and thoughtfully remove each light strand and decoration.
  • Avoid the removal of lights and decorations during wet or icy conditions.
  • If you must walk on your roof to remove your lights and other decorations, tread carefully and wear appropriate shoes.
  • Store your decorations properly in a dry space to avoid damage.

Planning a careful removal of your Christmas lights and decorations will extend the life of your decorations as well as protect your roof and exterior from damage.

If you find after the holidays that you lack the time or tools for light and decoration removal, please contact Landmark Exteriors. We offer services to help you take down your lights and decorations safely. We also offer quality roofing, gutter, and siding repair as well as a variety of exterior services for all seasons.

Caring for Cedar in Winter

Caring For Your Cedar-Life Roof

Cedarwood is long-lasting and proves to provide the best return on investment for many homeowners. While cedar roofing typically lasts over 10 years, you should still take steps to maintain your home’s exterior.

How Powerful Is Cedar-Life Compared To Traditional Roofing?

When using cedar instead of standard roofing methods, you’re delivering natural insulation to your home. As a result, you’ll be excited to see your energy bill decrease. 

Another benefit cedar roofs have over traditional roofing is sturdiness. Cedar roofs are designed to stand strong against powerful winds and can be incredibly durable when it comes to hail, thunderstorms, and other types of weather mother nature will throw at it. 

When ice falls and lands on your home, your cedar roof can withstand the icy blow. Cedar roofing can withstand 2 inches of fallen hail racing at 71 mph. Your Cedar-Life roof will keep your homestead protected. 

Benefits of Cedar Shingles

Traditional roofing materials tend to split after exposure to heat, the sun, and harsh winter weather. Over time, you’ll notice that most minor damage caused by winter storms will decrease due to natural weathering. Therefore, old layers of your cedar shingles will shed over time, leaving your exterior looking new.

Hiring a Professional to Care For Your Cedar

Cedar-Life, a division of Landmark Exteriors, is a leader in cedar roof and siding preservation. Our proprietary process cleans and preserves cedar, delaying the harmful effects of sun, rain, and snow.

 If the elements have already damaged your cedar, we can restore and rejuvenate it in no time. Cedar-Life delays the onset or return of mildew and algae and will improve the structural integrity of the roof or siding.

Knowing you’re in good hands is essential when it comes to the quality of your roof. When searching for a roofing specialist, be sure to contact the best. Landmark Exteriors Inc is dedicated when it comes to ensuring quality roofing. Contact our team of siding installers: (203) 838-3838.