Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Fence

Wooden fences make great additions to your property for privacy, security, and beauty. With a typical lifespan of 15 years, it’s only natural that your wood fence might start to rot over time. However, with proper care and routine maintenance, you might be able to stretch that lifespan for another five years. 

If your wooden fence needs some TLC, here are some tips to consider:

Practice Routines Inspections and Repairs

At least once a year, you’ll want to take a walk along your fence and look for any possible damage or issues that need to be addressed. Some of these issues could be rot, insect damage, overgrown bushes or vines, broken pieces, loose nails or screws, or posts that have become loose from the ground. Correct any of the issues on your own if possible by cutting overgrown bushes or vines, hammer in any loose nails or tighten any loose screws, and fix any broken pieces.

 If significant issues are present or you don’t feel comfortable taking on the task, consider getting your fence professionally repaired if needed.  

Check Your Sprinklers

Water from your sprinklers can cause discoloration and rot of the wood. Make sure that your sprinklers are aimed away from your fence. It will also help you reduce your water waste, too.

Give it a Good Cleaning

Give your fence a good cleaning at least every two or three years. You can do this by clearing off any dirt or moss and power washing the fence. If you can’t power wash, scrub the fence with a formulated wooden fence or deck cleaner and a long-handled brush. If you notice any mildew, mix a solution of 20% and 80% mild detergent and spray it over the area before washing. This will kill any mold and prevent it from growing back.

Reapply Paint and Stain

Coat your fence with a water-repellent coating to prevent water damage after it has been thoroughly washed. To reduce your chance of rot and discoloration, consider reapplying any paint or stain to your fence at least every three years.  

If you need help maintaining or repairing your wooden fence, give Landmark Exteriors a call at (203) 838-3838 for more information on how we can help you. 

Fun Family Activities For the Backyard

Your backyard is the perfect place to spend time as a family and get the kids active and out of the house.  With the weather getting warmer and nicer every day, being outside is becoming more and more enjoyable! To get your family to soak up some sun, consider these below activities: 

Games Galore

There are plenty of fun games to play outside as a family.  There are of course the traditional fun games to play such as tag, hide and seek or a scavenger hunt. There are also a wide variety of sports you can play or try out as a family such as soccer, whiffle ball, football, or badminton. Why not get creative and make your own ring toss, corn hole, or bocce game?  There are so many options that can be played by people of all ages right in the comfort of your own yard! 

Opt For Some Water Fun

If you have a pool you can jump in, go right ahead! If not, grab the sprinkler, gardening house, or even fill up some water balloons and have fun in the hot weather!

Let’s Eat

Take your family meals outdoors! Fire up the grill if you have one, eat dinner on your patio set instead of the kitchen, or go picnic style. Just don’t forget dessert, after all, it’s not summer without some s’mores!

Get Swinging

Do you have a sturdy tree branch in an open space in your backyard?  Give making an easy rope swing a try! With only a few materials needed and plenty of ways to make one, a rope swing will be a lot of fun making and enjoying all summer long.

Make a Garden

Get together and plant and decorate a family garden in an area of your backyard. Consider planting flowers or even make it a vegetable garden and decorate with painted rocks, stones, and shells. 

Movie time

Do you have a projector somewhere in the house? Grab the popcorn, pillows, blankets, and lawn chairs; it’s family outdoor movie night! Set up a white sheet against the house or on the lawn and project a favorite family movie or show you can all enjoy together.  Perfect for a warm summer evening!

If you need any help perfecting the exterior of your home, give Landmark Exteriors a call at (203) 838-3838 for any questions or information on how we can help you!

The Best Spring Flowers to Plant at Your Home

beautiful spring flowers outside a brick home

We’ve all heard that April showers bring May flowers, and now that it’s May, it’s time to get planting! Flowers add color and freshness, are the perfect accessory to any home and can make any house stand out from the neighbors. 

 Now that the weather is getting warmer and you are spending more and more of your time outdoors, it’s the perfect time to spruce up the outside of your home. Here are some of the best and most beautiful flowers to plant in your garden during Spring:


A timeless spring classic, tulips are known for their cup-like shape and the wide variety of colors. They don’t need to be watered every day and only need partial sunlight. Plant multiple colors in big groups to make a gorgeous statement in your garden.


Another spring classic, daffodils have long petals, a tube-like center, and come in various warm colors such as yellow, pink, red, and orange. Daffodils bloom early and should be watered regularly to keep them thriving all summer long.


This beautiful flower is small, elegant, and graceful. They come in various white shades of blue, purple. These flowers are low-maintenance and grow best in volume so plant a bunch of them in your garden!


Make a statement with this uniquely shaped flower. They come in a variety of pastel colors, have a pleasant aroma, grow in bunches, and add an elegant feel to your home.


These beautiful, vibrant flowers are also hardy, long-lasting. Primrose flowers are also low-maintenance, add a great pop of bright color and beauty to your garden.  


These flowering bushes are perfect for lining your entryway or driveway. They are easy to maintain, a delicate pink color, and you need to make sure that the branches are cut out of the way when necessary.  

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