How To Celebrate Arbor Day at Home

Arbor Day, which means “tree” day translated from the Latin word for tree, arbor, is a national holiday that celebrates the maintenance, planting, and preservation of all trees. In 1872 in Nebraska, Arbor Day began when a journalist named Julius Sterling Morton led an initiative where approximately 1 million trees were planted by himself and others volunteering. Their newly started tradition then spread, and this holiday is still celebrated by many today!

If you’re looking to celebrate Arbor Day this year, here are a few things you can do at home: 

Get Planting

Get out in your yard and get to work! Planting a tree will require you to get your hands a bit dirty, but the results will be amazing:

  1. First, decide which tree is suitable for your property. You’ll want to consider how it will grow and look over time, how much care, sun, and water it needs to thrive, and which trees work best in your climate.
  2. Next, you’ll want to find the perfect spot for planting where there is enough room for it to grow.
  3. Lastly, prepare your soil, plant your tree in the ground, and water it.

Tend The Trees On Your Property

Give the existing trees that are a part of your home’s landscape some love! Go outside and give them a good watering, clean up any dead leaves or branches, trim any wild and unwanted branches, or add mulch to the soil to control weeds and maintain moisture. Now your trees can continue to grow happily and healthily.

Visit a Local Park and Clean Up

Take a trip to a park nearby your home. Grab some garbage or recycling bags and clean up! Litter can harm the environment, including the trees and the animals that call those trees home. This simple task makes a difference and will make the park a more enjoyable place to play and admire nature for everyone.

Support Organizations That Plant and Protect Trees

Another way to celebrate Arbor Day is to support a charity that works to plant or protect trees! A quick donation of any amount can help make a difference. You can also research stores and companies that donate money to these organizations or plant trees when you make a purchase.

Enjoy and Appreciate Nature

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the nature around your home. Breathe in some fresh air and marvel at the beautiful trees on your property. Have a happy Arbor Day!


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Tips To Prepare Your Roof And Gutters For Spring Weather

Don’t forget about your roof and gutters as you’re doing your spring maintenance! Both these systems play a crucial role in the safety of your home and everyone that’s in it. So, it’s important to be sure there are no damages or issues that could cost further problems. 

Be sure to seek professional help with inspections and fixes to be certain everything is working correctly.

Here’s what you need to do to ensure your roofing and gutter system are ready for the warm weather season:

Remove Any Debris

The first step to getting your roof ready during the spring is to remove any foreign object and debris. This can include sticks, branches, leaves, and more. These items can cause holes, damaged shingles, and clogged gutters that could leave you with costly repairs.  

Inspect Your Attic

Take some time to look in your attic and crawl space the best you can for any signs of holes, including drafts, daylight intrusion, or leaks. Mold growth is also a sign of a leak or opening, which can cause health problems for anyone in your home, so be sure to check frequently.

Check Your Roof For Damages

It’s essential to be aware of any damage caused to your roof during the winter season. To be sure everything is safe, have a professional inspect your roof for any missing or damaged shingles or tiles, any holes, shingle buckling, or any other issues. They’ll also be able to tell you the right course of action to have any damages repaired or if there is a risk for future issues.

Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters need to be cleaned! They likely have leaves, twigs, or even animal nests creating clogs in the system that can cause damage to your home. Have a professional take a look and clean the entire gutter system to ensure the job is done correctly.

Fix Any Problems

If you notice any problems or damages, you must have them fixed as soon as possible. Call a team of professionals to fix any issues with your roofing and gutter system, so you don’t have to worry during the spring and summer seasons.


If you’re looking to have your roof fixed or redone or your gutters replaced or cleaned, we’ve got you covered! The experts at Landmark Exteriors are here to help ensure your home’s roofing, and gutter systems both look great and are functioning properly for years to come! Give us a call at (203) 838-3838 to learn more.

Spring Yard Cleanup Checklist

Spring is in full swing! How does your lawn look? If you’re like most people, you’re noticing some dead areas, little green color, and grass that needs some serious TLC. When you’re doing your spring cleaning, don’t forget to add yard maintenance to your list so that it can be happy and healthy all summer long.

Take a look at some tips to help you with your yard cleanup:

Grab Your Rake

You’ll want to start by clearing up all the debris that has been left behind from the cold weather months. You might find dead leaves, dead grass, pinecones, sticks, and more. Clear it all out so you can start fresh with a clean yard, and don’t forget to go in your gardens to clean up around your plants and shrubs as well

Perennials and Grasses

Grab those pruning shears and get to work! Ideally, you want to prune flowering perennials to be a high of about 4 inches, and ornamental grasses should be pruned to about 2 inches so they can grow and thrive for the season. Dig up any perennials that are damaged and where the soil has thawed or where there is overcrowding. 

Lawn Care

It’s time to give your lawn some attention. Prepare for seeding by raking up any dead areas and testing the soil’s pH levels to fix any issues. Gather your seed, fertilizer, and compost to prepare for new, healthy grass growth. With plenty of water and care, your lawn will look green, healthy, and bountiful before you know it!

Don’t Forget Your Trees And Shrubs

The cold, windy, and snowy weather may have hurt some of your trees and shrubs, so begin your care by pruning any dead or damaged branches off. You’ll also want to use your shears to help shape any hedges to get a more consistent and even growth as the season continues.

Give Your Other Yard Elements a Lookover

Check your pathways and patios for cracks, damages, and debris that needs to be cleaned up or fixed. Grab your pressure washer and give those surfaces a shiny clean that will have your neighbors impressed all season long. As well, check out your fences and ensure they are sturdy and don’t need any repairs.


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Beginner Gardening Tips

Are you looking to enjoy the outdoors more this summer? Gardening might be the perfect activity for you, and now is the time to start! Gardening can be a relaxing, enjoyable activity for you to get more sunlight and fresh air in the warm weather season. Gardens, whether you’re growing flowers, fruits, or vegetables, your garden will look beautiful on your property and is sure to put a smile on your face.

If you’re a beginner to gardening, these few tips should help you get started: 

Pick The Right Site

The first, most important part of starting a garden is finding the optimal location. Start in an area of your yard that you’ll be able to see easily from inside; that way, you keep an eye on it, and you’re more likely to tend to it regularly. As well, your plants need sunlight and water, and lots of it! Be sure your garden is put in an area that gets lots of sun time and is near a convenient water source.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Containers or Raised Garden Beds

If you don’t have much space to work with or have impossibly rocky soil making up your ground, you can utilize raised garden beds or containers to home your plants, so you don’t have to worry about these issues and place your garden where it’s best.

Invest In Good Soil

One of the best ways to ensure a thriving garden is to use both nutrient-rich and well-drained soil. Speak with your local garden shop or do some research about which brands of soil are optimal.

Think About Your Climate

Not all plants, fruits, and vegetables grow best under the same circumstances. Some actually prefer colder temperatures, while others love the heat. Think about what you’re looking to grow before you go shopping and check which are ideal for the current weather conditions.  

Seeds or Plants

You’ll want to think about and decide if you wish to plant seeds, which will take a bit more work and more care, while you can replant already growing flowers, fruits, or vegetables. This decision may change your work amounts, your time, and what you want to plant. 

Don’t Forget Mulch

Be sure to apply a layer of mulch around each of your plants 2 to 3 inches deep to help reduce weed growth and hold in moisture. 


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Important Reasons To Keep Your Roof in Tip-Top Shape

It’s no secret; the roof is one of the most essential parts of any home. Despite this, many homeowners overlook the maintenance and care required to keep your roof in working order protecting you and all that’s inside your house. Seeking a professional’s help to care for your roof will be very beneficial for you. 

Here are five important reasons why you should keep roof maintenance in your mind as each season starts:

Protection From The Elements

Weather is unpredictable, and it’s important to feel confident that your home is there to protect you from the harsh elements no matter what comes your way. Your roof is the most significant part of this defense and protection, so be sure it’s properly maintained and ready to do its job.

Home Value

A good-looking and maintained roof will increase your home’s value and is a great selling point. Potential buyers are cautious about investing in a house with an older or damaged roof as they will need to make costly repairs or a replacement in the future. 

Curb Appeal

Every homeowner deserves to smile every time they look at their beautiful house. If your roof shows signs of damage or wear and tear, it takes away from your home’s curb appeal and attractiveness. 

Energy Efficiency

A roof in tip top shade should provide your home with great insulation that will keep the indoor temperatures steady and comfortable. This can help cut down your energy costs as well.

Health Concerns

A leaking roof that isn’t fixed leads to mold and mildew growth inside your home. As the mold or mildew spreads throughout your home, air quality becomes unhealthy, and serious health complications can occur for those living in the house.


If you’re looking to have your roof maintained or redone, we’ve got you covered! The experts at Landmark Exteriors are here to help ensure your home’s roofing system both looks great and is functioning properly for years to come! Give us a call at (203) 838-3838 to learn more.

Why Spring Gutter Repair is Essential

Now that spring is in full swing; it’s a great time to look at your gutters! They may have endured some damage from the harsh fall and winter elements, and they will need to be fixed. Gutters help catch rainwater flowing off the roof, directing it to the downspouts to be safely moved away from your home. Spring is known for its heavy showers, so don’t put off having your gutters cleaned any longer.

Clear Out Any Clogs

Debris from trees, animals, and more have likely built up in your gutter system since you’ve last cleaned it. So, you’ll need to have those clogs removed to help the water flow freely and not get backed up. If clogs are ignored, you may be left with costly damage to your home’s roof, siding, and more.

Fix the Damage

Your gutter system may have suffered some damage, such as a broken piece or rust. Falling limbs, ice damming, strong winds, or general wear and tear may be to blame, but no matter the cause, it’s crucial the problem is fixed before it gets worse.

Get Ready For Summer Storms

Spring may bring showers, but summer brings storms. The weather during the summer months can be very unpredictable, but heavy rain, wind, and more are likely to be in the forecast several times. Ensuring your gutters are cleaned and ready to handle it all will give you and your family peace of mind knowing they can protect your home and do their job.

Cleaning and fixing gutters can be a dangerous and challenging task, so be sure to hire an expert team of professionals to get the job done quickly and efficiently for you.


If you’re looking to have your gutters maintained or redone, we’ve got you covered! The experts at Landmark Exteriors are here to help ensure your home’s gutter system both looks great and is functioning properly for years to come! Give us a call at (203) 838-3838 to learn more.

Why You Should Choose Cedar Siding For Your Home

Choosing your home’s siding should take some thought and consideration. You’ll want to select a material that not only looks great but also is long-lasting and durable. Cedar siding is a popular choice for homeowners as it checks most, if not all, their boxes.  

Benefits of Cedar Siding For Your Home

When choosing siding for your house, you want to make a choice you’ll be happy with for years to come. Not only does siding protect your home from the harsh weather and temperatures, but it also contributes to your home’s curb appeal and overall look. Here are the many pros to having cedar siding installed on your house’s exterior: 

  • Natural beauty – There’s no doubt that cedar is one of the most naturally beautiful woods you can use for siding. The warm color and appealing scent create a cozy and woodsy aesthetic that is unmatched by other materials. If you want a unique, historic and classic look, cedar is a great option. 
  • Excellent insulation – Not all siding materials provide adequate insulation for your house, but cedar is better than most options. As well, cedar helps reduce noise from outside. 
  • Environmentally friendly – The only tree species that grows quicker than cedar is bamboo and it also takes little energy to produce, making cedar a great renewable source and an environmentally friendly siding option.
  • Diversity – Cedar can come in various styles, shapes, and shades to match your desired design and look. 
  • Insect-resistant – Though cedar doesn’t have pitch or resin, it does have tannin, which naturally deters rodents and insects, giving you extra peace of mind from pests that can do some damage.
  • Rot-resistant – Cedar oil resists wood rot, making cedar a good option for homes in climates that experience high humidity and other damp conditions.

One important thing to note about cedar siding is that preservation is key! But with Landmark Exteriors, cedar preservation is quick and easy.

Cedar-Life®, A Division of Landmark Exteriors

Cedar-Life, a division of Landmark Exteriors, is a leader in cedar roof and siding and preservation. Our proven process restores and rejuvenates the natural beauty of your home’s cedar, including roofing, fences, siding and decks. Cedar treatments require a specialist who is knowledgeable and trained in properly cleaning and treating cedar, and our team of experts is perfect for the job. 

We use only proven, tested and certified products to ensure your home’s cedar is perfectly preserved for years to come. When you choose Cedar-Life, you are hiring experts dedicated to improving the health and beauty of your home’s cedar. We leave our customers 100% satisfied, without exception.


If you’re looking to have cedar siding installed for your home or need it adequately preserved, we’ve got you covered! The experts at Landmark Exteriors are here to help ensure your home’s siding both looks great and is functioning properly for years to come! Give us a call at (203) 838-3838 to learn more. 

How To Enhance Your Backyard To Help Connecticut Wildlife

March 3rd is World Wildlife Day, a time to appreciate all the amazing and diverse wildlife living right in your backyard and beyond! Here in Connecticut, we are lucky to have such a beautiful array of animals! To attract some of this wildlife and keep them safe, make your property a place where they can live, eat, enjoy, and return to as they please. You’ll love seeing what animals stop by each day!

Take a look at these ideas to help make your backyard more wildlife-friendly: 

Install a Bird Bath

Putting a birdbath in your backyard helps provide birds with a clean water source to drink and bathe in. You can buy a commercial birdbath to place on your property or make one yourself. Your birdbath can even be as simple as placing a frying pan outdoors; either way, the birds will appreciate it! A few essential tips for placing and preparing your birdbath include:

  • Make sure the water is no more than 2 inches deep and is shallower along the edges. Add some stones to help birds see the depth of the water.
  • Place the bath where it can receive an even mix of sun and shade throughout the day.
  • Place the bath in an area near their natural habitat if predators are nearby, but not close enough that cats can quickly pounce on them from leaping off a tree.

Once completed, you’ll notice a wide variety of bird species will want to pay a visit! Be sure to change the water frequently, so it’s fresh and clean for the birds and doesn’t breed mosquitoes.

Identify the Trees, Shrubs, and Plants on Your Property

One important thing you can do to help your local wildlife is assess what types of plant life you have on your property, both native and non-native. Start by walking around your yard, looking at the tallest trees, and working your way down by size. Your most mature trees can help provide food and lots of space for shelter for various animals and should be protected. Flowering plants and other seed plants also provide food and shelter for wildlife and pollen and nectar for pollinators. Leaves, twigs, and bark can be consumed by insects, moose, deer, and rabbits. Overall, having a diverse array of plant life can help provide for a wide variety of animals, and native Connecticut plants are the best!

Avoid Using Pesticides and Rodenticides

You may have spent a lot of time and money trying to keep your lawn healthy and green, including chemical treatments over it. You may also utilize rodent poisons to keep them away from your home. Unfortunately, these pesticides and rodenticides have more effects than you may realize. They can kill plants, insects, and other animals that actually benefit your lawn and garden. 

Add Nesting and Habitat Sites For Animals

Here are some ideas to make some natural habitat sites for some local animals:

  • Make a brush pile – Gather some downed tree limbs, logs, branches, and sticks to make a pile that can provide animals such as rabbits, chipmunks, and sparrows with shelter.
  • Add birdhouses or nesting boxes – When tree cavities aren’t available, various bird species can use these friendly items to shelter in. Be sure to add some comfortable nesting material such as wood chips or wood shavings to get them started.
  • Add a bee nesting site – Connecticut is home to over 300 species of bees that help pollinate plants and are essential to cultivate some fruits and vegetables. Make a nesting site for them with a box and some nesting tubes. 

Now that your yard is more wildlife-friendly, be sure to take the time to enjoy seeing all the unique and beautiful animals living outside of your home!


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All About Slate Roofing

If you’re looking to get a unique, timeless, and high-quality roof for your home, slate roofing tiles may be just what you need! Along with the many positives that make slate tiles an intriguing option for your home’s roof, there are some additional considerations, as for any roofing material, you’ll want to take into account.  

Here’s all you need to know about slate roofing:

The Advantages of Slate Roofing

Investing in slate roofing for your home has some major upsides, mostly because it’s a natural stone product that is sure to make your roof stand out. Take a look at all the amazing pros to entice you to choose this roofing material:

  • Beauty – One of the main reasons homeowners want to use slate tiles for roofing is its beautiful and unique appearance. No other roofing material has a classier, more regal and timeless look. Also, slate tiles can be found in varying sizes, thicknesses, and colors including gray, green, purple, black, red and mixed so you can get the perfect look for your home.
  • Long-lasting – Most roofing tiles, particularly the most popular type, asphalt shingles, are made to last between 20 and 30 years before needing to be replaced. A slate roof, however, can last for well over a century if properly constructed.
  • Fire-resistant – Slate tiles are among the most fire-resistant roofing options, which is essential in keeping your home and family safe. Unlike other materials, slate is entirely fireproof on its own, so you can feel confident your roof won’t catch on fire from wildfires, fireworks, adjacent house fires, and more. 
  • Environmentally-friendly – Roofing waste accounts for about 5 percent of the total waste in landfills in the United States each year. This natural stone, while incredibly long-lasting, is a great option to minimize any environmental impact.

Additional Considerations When You Choose Slate Roofing

Just like any roofing option, there are several negatives you may need to consider before deciding on slate tiles for your home. Be aware of these cons before choosing slate for your home’s roof:  

  • Cost – Because of its longevity and it being a high-quality natural stone, slate tiles are more expensive than other roofing materials. The installation cost will also be higher since fewer people are aware of how to install it properly. 
  • Requires Expertise Installation – Slate roofing is less common than other roofing materials, and many roofing companies don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge to install slate tiles properly but they may try anyways. Be sure that you hire a roofing team with plenty of experience and solid references from past slate roofing installations.
  • Maintenance and Repairs – If, for any reason, slate tiles are damaged, cracked or fall, replacing them calls for careful attention and a specific skill set.
  • Weight – Slate roofing is much heavier than other roofing materials. Slate tiles can range between 800 and 1,500 pounds per 100 square feet, so you must have your house inspected for structural stability prior to installation.  

If you have more questions or are interested in slate tiles for your roof, make sure to call a trusted team of professionals to get you what you need.


Interested in slate roofing or need a roof replacement or repair? We’ve got you covered! The experts at Landmark Exteriors are here to help ensure your roof both looks great and functions properly for years to come! Give us a call at (203) 838-3838 to learn more.

Tips For Keeping Deer Off Your Property

Here in Connecticut, there’s no shortage of deer! While they typically mind their business and are away in the woods, if they find your plants and shrubs tasty and enticing, they’ll be coming back time and time again! It’s certainly reasonable for you to want to do what you can so they spend their time elsewhere. Luckily, you have plenty of options to safely keep these pesky deer off your property and away from your home. 

Fence Your Property

The most effective method of keeping deer off your landscape is to utilize fencing. Though this may be laborious and more expensive, installing proper fencing at least 8 feet high around the perimeter will help keep deer out. You can opt to put in temporary fencing just for the winter season, but be sure you have an area to store it throughout the warmer months.

Cover Your Plants

Deer most often come on your property because they’re looking for something tasty to eat, so try to make their food source unattainable. Do this by covering your shrubs and plants with burlap, deer netting, or secured tarp so no deer can get to it. Deer will mainly target any new trees or plants, making it important to prioritize covering those.

Utilize Repellents

You can purchase various deer repellents to keep deer from returning to your property while looking for a meal. Spray your repellent across your trees, plants, and shrubs from the ground up to 6 feet high for a season-long barrier to keep deer away. You may need to reapply the repellent after lots of rainfall and change the type of repellent to prevent deer adaptation.

Plant Natural Deer Repellent Plants

You may also want to consider planting various plants and shrubs that act as natural deterrents for deer. Swap out tulips or lilies for daffodils in your garden, as daffodils as they are unpalatable to deer. You may also want to consider planting thorny roses and other prickly plants that deer won’t want to go near, such as fuzzy lamb’s ear, cleome, or barberries.

Create Levels

Deer are not good climbers, so adding levels to your property is an effective way of keeping them out. You can do this by adding sunken beds, terraces, or stacking pallets around your home’s perimeter. As well, any important potted plants or greenery you wouldn’t want them getting, you can move to your porch as they will likely not climb your stairs. 


Does your roof need some repairs done? We’ve got you covered! The experts at Landmark Exteriors are here to help ensure your roof both looks great and is functioning properly for years to come! Give us a call at (203) 838-3838 to learn more.