Can I Replace my Roof in the Winter?

You Can Replace Your Roof During The Winter!

It’s wintertime, and for many of us, that means hunkering down and avoiding any major home improvement projects. But what if your roof needs repairs or a replacement? Surely that’s a job best left for warmer weather, right? Wrong! 

One of the biggest myths about roofing is that it can only be done in warm weather. In reality, though, there are plenty of reasons to replace your roof in the winter.  

Advantages of a Winter Roof Replacement

Here are some of the benefits of a winter roof replacement:

  • Cut Costs – Winter is a less busy time for most roofing companies, so many businesses will offer specials and discounts to increase their sales. 
  • Quick Scheduling – Since it isn’t peak season, there will likely be more flexibility when it comes to scheduling, and it could get the job started quicker. 
  • Prevent Winter Damage – Winter ice and snow can wreak havoc on a damaged or old roof, so if it needs to be replaced, don’t hope you’ll make it through the season and wait for spring. Instead, get it done as soon as possible so you’ll rest assured your home is protected from the winter weather. 
  • Lower Energy Bills – A new roof can directly impact your indoor heat usage and energy bills during the winter months, so save money now by getting your roof replaced when winter arrives. 
  • Ready to Sell Your Home – Spring is an ideal time for many to put their homes on the market. If you’re getting a roof replacement to increase your home’s value, then getting it completed and off your to-do list in the winter, so you’re ready to go once the warmer months return, can be very helpful.  

Preparing For a Winter Roof Replacement

Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind if you do decide to replace your roof in the winter. First, make sure to hire a reputable company that has experience with winter roofing. Second, be prepared for some potential delays; snow and ice can make it difficult for workers to access your roof, and inclement weather can also lead to extended wait times for materials. Finally, ensure you have a solid plan in place for dealing with any water that may come into your home during the project; this might include bundling up, renting a storage container, or setting up some fans to dry out the area.  

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Best Roofs for Cold Climates

Winter Roof Materials

Winter can be a fun time to enjoy special moments with family and friends, build snowmen, and keep warm inside with hot cocoa. However, it’s not all fun and games regarding the integrity of your home. Snow can cause damage to your roof and foundation if proper care isn’t taken and it’s not built to handle heavy amounts of ice and snow. 

From the Landmark Exteriors team, if you live in a colder climate, consider one of the following roofing materials for your next roof replacement.  


Slate is a great option for durability and protection. This loved roofing material is a great shield for all types of cold weather: hail, wind, ice, etc. It’s also dense and can hold more weight than other roofing materials.

Slate roofs also help prevent heat from dissipating out of your home, which helps maintain a good roof temperature and saves you money on your heating bills! They’re energy efficient with insulation, can withstand extremely high winds, and are expected to last up to 100 years.


Although metal roofs are lightweight, they’re strong against tough weather. They have a smooth surface, which prevents snow buildup. Snow guards, which Landmark Exteriors also install, are a great addition to a metal roof because they allow the snow to fall off in small amounts instead of all at once for added safety and roof protection. Adding heating cables to a metal roof can also help prevent ice buildup.

Concrete Tiles

Cement roof tiles can be made into various shapes and are extremely durable for all weather, including tough snow. They can withstand very cold temperatures and can easily support the weight of snow and ice that builds up after heavy snowfall. Tile roofs can also help reduce energy costs and resist damage from unpredictable storms.

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Benefits of Snow Guard Installation

Importance of Roof Snow Guard Installation

Winter brings all types of cold weather to our environments and houses. Snow can be a fun surprise to play in or enjoy watching as it falls. But, it can also be dangerous to your house and property. Snow buildup can harm your roof and foundation and can cause injuries, which is why Landmark Exteriors is here to let you know the many benefits of a snow guard for your home’s roofing system.

What Are Snow Guards?

Winter storms cause snow to collect on the roof, and as that snow melts, layers of ice can form between the surface and the snow. This can cause the snow to then fall down in large sheets, damaging your roof or causing injury to people and other properties. 

Snow guards work to catch and spread out the snow and ice that falls on the roof. This allows the snow to melt slowly and not fall off all at once. Certain types of roofing, including metal roofs, are especially in need of these because their materials offer little friction to stop snow from falling off.

Improved Home Safety, Liability, and Value

Installing snow guards protects you and your house. They prevent large, heavy piles of snow from falling on people, animals, and items below. By reducing the chance of this happening, you’re also lessening the possibility of paying for any damages, which can be upwards of thousands of dollars.

In addition to prevention, snow guards can also increase the price of your home if you decide to sell it. They will be seen as a special feature and shown to be safe, effective, and money-saving for the new homeowner!

Long-Term Roof and Property Protection

Snow guards will also prevent cracking and roof issues that could break down the foundation and lead to leaks in your property. The weight of the snow can affect other areas of your building, including the gutters and HVAC systems. Falling snow can also flood your home’s base. This damage can be costly, so having snow guards also helps you save money.

Install Your Snow Guards Today!

Now that you recognize the importance and value of snow guards, confide in a trusted team to get the job done! At Landmark Exteriors in Fairfield County, CT, and Westchester County, NY, we provide expert snow guard installation, inspection, and maintenance services. We take pride in providing the highest quality service and care to our customers. 

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3 Scary Problems Found During Roofing Inspections

The Importance of Roofing Inspections

The best way to ensure your home’s roofing system is working properly and there aren’t any issues is to hire a professional to come and give a full inspection. During their evaluation, the professional can carefully assess the condition of your roof and be on the lookout for any signs of damage. They can also tell you what next steps you should take to correct the problem. 

From our team of expert roofers, here are three scary issues that could be found during an inspection, especially if your roof hasn’t been looked at in years:


It’s never good to hear that any part of your home has mold, including the roof. The presence of mold signals that there is a leak somewhere that has been lingering for a long time. Beyond being harmful to your roof’s well-being, mold can harm your health, too. So, now that your roof inspector has found mold, it’s time to address and correct the problem immediately. 


It’s possible that there are holes in your roofing system, which can be a big issue, especially when storms and bad weather arrive. Gaps in the roof can result from debris, wind, ice, and more, leading to leaks, poor insulation for your home, and other serious problems. Your roof inspector will tell you the best plan of action to patch and correct the roof openings. 


Areas of sagging in the roof are an issue that needs to be taken seriously. Roof sagging and structure issues usually result from exposure to heavy amounts of rain and snow, especially if there is an inadequate gutter and drainage system. Sagging could also signify a larger, serious issue requiring more costly repairs: weakness in the structure. In this case, the foundation could be shifting, sinking, or settling, which can lead to a collapse when the problem goes unfixed. 

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Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Five Tips For Trick-or-Treating Safety

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year; who doesn’t love eating some candy, dressing up in costumes, and having a good time? However, it can also be one of the most dangerous, specifically for trick-or-treaters, if proper precautions aren’t taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

This year, our team is sharing some of our favorite tips on how to trick-or-treat safely, so you and your kids can enjoy the holiday without worry:

Stay With Your Group

It’s important to stay together with your friends and family when trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. This way, everyone can keep an eye on each other and make sure that no one gets lost or separated. If the trick-or-treaters are young, it’s important for there to be adult supervision as they go house to house to avoid and stay on top of any emergencies.

Wear Bright Clothing

The best way to keep safe while trick-or-treating is to wear bright, reflective clothing or tape, so parents and drivers can see you. Halloween festivities typically occur in the evening, and the sun sets earlier and earlier each day, so it’s important to be prepared for when it gets dark. 

Cross The Street Carefully

Just like drivers need to watch out for trick-or-treaters, they need to watch out for drivers too! Before letting your kids go out on Halloween, remind them to always stop and look both ways before crossing the street. As well, make sure they know to avoid the roads as much as possible and always walk at the crosswalks. 

Stranger Danger

You’ve probably heard this saying before, and it’s an important one. While going up to strangers’ doors, make sure your kids know never to go inside the house and to be weary if someone asks them to. Also, make sure they know not to talk to anyone they do not know while out on Halloween and any other day. 

Bring a Flashlight

Another way to stay safe in the dark this Halloween is to carry a flashlight. Not only can a flashlight help you be seen in the eyes of drivers and adult supervision, but it can also help you avoid injury from falls while walking around the neighborhood. And be sure to check the batteries beforehand!

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Tips to Help With Leaf Cleanup

The fall season is here, so it’s time to start thinking about the leaves that are slowly covering your lawn. While the falling leaves aren’t exactly an unwelcome sight, they can be quite a burden to deal with, especially if you live in an area with many trees. 

To make things easier on homeowners, our team has put together this list of four tips to help you with leaf cleanup this fall, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently:

Check The Weather

It’s ideal to tackle leaf cleanup on a dry, cool day without rain in the forecast. Also, don’t head outside after a storm, as wet leaves are heavier and more difficult to move and work with. As well, check the wind; you won’t want to have to deal with leaves blowing all over the place and out of your piles. 

Rake Efficiently

Taking a rake and getting to work is the tried and true method for leaf cleanup. If you’re choosing to rake, first and foremost, don’t hurt yourself! Grab your rake with a firm grip, with one hand at the top of the bar and the other as comfortably as possible, far down, for stronger, sturdier movements. As well, try to rake with your knees bent to use your legs strength to avoid back injuries. 

Ditch The Rake

If the rake is proving too much work, try another technique. Mowing your lawn to shred your leaves into mulch is easy, effective, and can help your lawn stay protected during winter. Using a blower is another quick way to get your leaves into piles for removal. If you have a tarp nearby, try this useful trick: lay out the tarp, rake or blow all the leaves onto it, carefully and tightly fold over the sides, and pick up the tarp for easy leaf disposal. 

Protect Yourself

Wearing the right equipment and safety gear is essential when cleaning up your property’s leaves; the activity might not be particularly dangerous, but all the dust and pollen that will be kicked up could be a health hazard. So, wear glasses and a dust mask if you struggle with allergies. Protect your hands with comfortable gripping gloves, and wear close-toed shoes and covering clothes to avoid scratches and injury. 

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Fall in Love With Your Roof

This autumn season is the perfect time to fall in love with your roof again! And when you love something, you give it the love and attention it deserves. How can you show your home’s roof your care and appreciation?

From the Landmark Exteriors team, here are a few ways to care for your roof today and all year long:

Professional Inspection

It’s hard to tell if something is wrong with your roof from the ground! The best way to ensure your roof is doing well is to call a professional roofing company and have someone do a thorough inspection. During the examination, the roofer will be on the lookout for any signs of wear and tear and then provide you with the next best steps for you to proceed. 

Don’t Delay Repairs

If repairs are needed, don’t wait to get them completed. Lingering roof damages can get worse and worse as they go unfixed, as well as more costly. Get in touch with your local roofing team about getting these repairs scheduled. 

Clean The Gutters

Your home’s gutter system needs periodic cleaning to ensure it can continue doing its job. Fall is one of the most important times to get outside and clear out all the debris for the gutters and downspouts since all the leaves will be falling, and many will find their way onto your roof. Cleaning your gutters won’t take long, but it is a crucial job; consider calling a professional or getting some help while doing the task yourself. 

If you need some tips to help you clean your gutters, click here!

Is it Time For Updates?

If your home’s roofing system has seen better days, maybe it’s time for some updating. If your gutters, shingles, or entire roof need replacing, get in touch with your local roof professionals to get started. If you’re getting a new roof, consider other materials such as cedar, tile, and metal which can provide many more benefits over asphalt shingles. Don’t hesitate to ask the professionals for their opinion!  

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5 Key Benefits to Cedar Roofs

At Landmark Exteriors, we want homeowners across Connecticut to feel secure knowing their home has a roofing system that’s not only beautiful but also strong and long-lasting. Cedar roofing continues to grow in popularity for homes throughout CT and the rest of the U.S. because of its many great benefits.

From the cedar roofing experts at Landmark Exteriors, here are five key benefits to installing a cedar roof on your house: 

  1. Durability

One of the best benefits of cedar roofs is that they are durable and therefore will last for many decades with periodic maintenance. This is a major difference compared to other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, which will only last between 10 and 20 years. Cedar shingles are strong and tough and will protect your house and everything inside of it without worry. 

  1. Element Resistance

Cedar wood contains natural preservatives, meaning that the shingles resist many of nature’s elements, such as moisture, UV rays, insects, moss growth, and wind. As a result, cedar roofs are long-lasting and will require fewer repairs over time. 

  1. Energy Efficiency

Cedar roofing is highly regarded for its excellent insulation and ability to block out cold winds and intense heat from entering your home while retaining your preferred indoor temperature. This is an extremely valuable benefit as it can save you money on your energy bills, especially during the winter and summer months. 

  1. Eco-Friendly

Many homeowners appreciate cedar roofing because it is an eco-friendly roofing material. Cedar is an organic material, and no chemicals are used while processing the wood into shingles. When the cedar shingles have reached their lifespan, they can be turned into bark dust, used in your garden, or repurposed into other items. 

  1. Increased Home Value

Cedar is a beautiful wood that will add a new level of classic elegance to your house’s overall appearance. Because of its beauty and advantages, homes with cedar roofs have increased value, which will be very beneficial when it comes time to sell. Potential buyers will love the added benefit that the house has an attractive, durable, and quality roof. 

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3 Common Issues From Clogged Gutters

Three Problems That Occurs From Clogged Gutters

You don’t realize the importance of having clean gutters until they no longer work. Gutters protect the siding and the foundation of your home by keeping water away. Numerous contaminants, such as leaves, can prohibit the functionality of the channels. Therefore, our team at Landmark Exteriors in Fairfield County, CT, is here to share the problems that stem from clogged gutters so that you can take preventive measures.

  1. Insect Infestation

Have you noticed more insects buzzing around? Sitting water in the gutters makes a perfect breeding ground for those pesky bugs (e.g., mosquitos) and other animals. With the combination of loose foliage and H2O, bees and wasps view it as a cozy spot to build nests. The insects’ infestation will become an aggravating problem quickly, so we recommend letting the professionals help you get to the root of the cause: clogged or broken gutters.

  1. Damp Basement

If your gutters are filled with water and other pollutants, it is unable to do their job. When that happens, it can cause water to pour down your foundation and seep through the walls, resulting in a wet basement. It can become extremely harmful if not taken care of properly, as mold can form from the overabundance of moisture.

  1. Foundation Damage

The most serious and expensive damage of them all — water can spill on your home’s structure and inside the walls. If there is water pooling around the foundation, it can cause erosion which will weaken the walls, leading to cracks and a serious, costly problem for you. A properly functioning and clean gutter system will carry H2O safely through a downspout, preventing it from touching your house.

Get Your Gutters Cleaned Today!

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Patching Versus Repairing Your Roof

Every roof has a lifespan, and through its time, repairs may need to be completed to keep it in tip-top shape to protect your house and everything in it, but the time will come when a replacement will be your best choice. 

If you’ve noticed issues with your roof and there are some concerning damages, it may be time to have them addressed with a professional roofing company to determine if a patch job is the right fix or if a replacement is the best next step. Here’s what you need to know about your two options:

Getting Your Roof Patched

When an issue arises with your home’s roof, like a leak, a patch job may be all that is needed. To ensure this is the right decision to fix the damage, work with an experienced roofing company to handle the job. 

Before patching the roof, there are two important risks to keep in mind: 1. You must be sure there are no further underlying issues that won’t be fixed with a simple repair, or the patch will not fix the problem. 2. When patching a roof, there is a chance that the type of shingles or tiles in the patch area may not match 100% to the surrounding shingles. Work with professional roofers to find the best match possible to avoid an unsightly roof. 

Getting a Roof Replacement

When there is a slew of damage to your roof, and your roofing system is near or past its intended lifespan, it may be time for a total replacement. If you choose to get a roof replacement and forgo repairs of just the current issues, you will likely be saving yourself money and worry in the long run —  damages can get worse quickly and create even more expensive problems for your roof and other areas of your home.

Don’t hesitate regarding the well-being of your home’s roof. Speak with a team of local roofing professionals about getting a roof replacement complete as soon as possible; you’ll feel immediate relief!

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