What Questions Should I Ask my Roofing Contractor?

Picking a roofing company can be a hassle, but it doesn’t need to be. Knowing exactly what to ask and look for can make this process much easier and help ensure that you’re getting the best work done possible. 

Here are the most important questions to ask a roofing contractor before you hire them:

Are you a licensed roofing contractor?

Codes and licensing requirements vary from state to state. It’s good to ask and be certain that your roofers are licensed, their license is up to date, and they abide by all codes.

Do you carry general liability insurance?

Workman’s compensation insurance covers the employees while working on your roof. However, you still have to worry about potential damage to any part of your property that can occur during the installation. Don’t be afraid to ask them to verify that the roofing company has general liability insurance that will pay for repairs if part of your property is damaged in any way during the work process.

How will you protect my home’s exterior driveway and gutters from damage?

A lot of equipment, tools, and people are required when redoing a roof. On top of insurance, you can ask what exact measures the workers will take while working to protect your gutters, driveway, and house from damage.

Will you remove my old roof?

In some cases, roofers will make the call to shingle over the existing roof, leading to problems such as soft or rotten spots throughout the roof. If these issues aren’t resolved, severe damage can occur to your home. Make sure that your old roof is being completely removed before replacement.

What is your physical address and phone number?

Make sure your roofers have a physical location and local phone number before hiring them. It’s important to make sure that they are a legal operation, and if there are any problems, you can contact and locate them.

What is the warranty for my new roof?

Don’t forget to ask about your roofing material’s longevity and the warranty time for the roof. A properly installed roof with shingles should last at least 25 years.

Will you provide a written estimate?

Before you sign or agree to anything, make sure you have a detailed estimate in writing for all the different aspects of the job. You’ll want to be aware of any surprise costs when the work is finished.

Will there be someone on-site that I can speak with and ask questions?

It’s logical to have questions while the work is happening. Be prepared ahead of time and know who will be on-site that you can ask any questions you have.

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Why Do The Leaves Change Color in the Fall?

Autumn is here, and there’s so much to look forward to such as pumpkins everywhere, Halloween decorations, spice-scented candles, and the leaves changing color! From red to yellow to orange to purple, there are so many gorgeous and vibrant colors that will be taking over the trees soon. Especially in beautiful Connecticut, it’s impossible not to be surrounded by the fantastic fall foliage.

But why exactly do the leaves change color this time of year? And why do they fall at all? Here’s the reason for this nature phenomenon: 

Why Do Leaves Fall During Autumn?

It takes a lot of energy and water for trees and plants to maintain healthy leaves, and this water and energy can be hard to come by as the temperatures drop. Winter is cold, dry, and there isn’t as much needed sun for healthy leaf conditions. 

Instead of struggling to hold on to their leaves, trees and plants drop them and seal the spots on the branches where the leaves were attached so that new ones can grow when there’s more sun, water, and optimal weather available.

Why Do Leaves Change Color in Autumn?

The pigment, chlorophyll, is what gives leaves their bright green color. Chlorophyll is essential for plants to make food from sunlight. Trees and plants make a lot of this chlorophyll during the warmer seasons, but as the temperatures start to drop and the sun is out for less time, they have to stop this production.

When autumn starts and the weather gets colder, trees and plants instead break down the chlorophyll into smaller molecules until it goes away entirely, and new pigments begin to show, like yellow and red. The colors will change just before the leaves fall off.

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8 Tips For Preparing Your Home For The Fall Season

Of course, the autumn wreaths, pumpkin spice candles, and Halloween decorations are important for celebrating the fall season’s arrival. But, is your home ready to handle the quickly changing weather? Chilly weather, falling leaves, and potentially damaging storms are on their way, so it’s best to be prepared and make sure your house is ready to handle it all.

Take a look at these helpful tips to ensure your home is fall-ready:

Clean and Cover-up Your Outdoor Furniture

Give your outdoor furniture a quick wipe down and clear off any debris that has fallen on them. Use tarps or furniture covers to place over them and protect them from the elements until you’re ready to take them out for spring. If needed and you have the available space, bring them indoors for ultimate protection.

Inspect and Repair Your Roof

Give your roof a quick look-over and search for any signs that it is damaged and needs to be fixed. Start by looking for curled, broken, or missing shingles, moss growth, or rust. Notice any of the mentioned issues or have concerns? Consider having your roof professionally inspected as soon as possible.

Clean Your Gutters

It is generally recommended to clean your gutters at least twice a year. Especially when fall starts, leaves will indeed find their way into your gutters and likely clog them up. Gutters work hard to remove rainwater and melting snow safely off your roof and away from your home, so it’s essential to be sure they are properly functioning.  

Take Care of Your Outdoor Water System

Be sure to drain and turn off all your outdoor faucets and sprinkler system. A frozen pipe could lead to a burst and some costly damage. Make sure to drain out and store away your hoses, so they’re ready for next year!

Inspect Your House For Drafts

Prevent heat loss by taking a walk throughout your entire house and looking for any areas where there could be air coming in from outside. Seal up gaps in doorways and windows and fill in any spaces missing proper insulation. Your energy bill will thank you!

Inspect Your Furnace, Water Heater, and Change Filters

Nothing works harder in the winter than your home’s heating system. Inspect your furnace and water heater and ensure they are properly functioning before the weather gets too cold, and have them fixed as soon as possible. Fall is also a great time to change out your dirty filters to make sure your home has fresh, clean air for all the time you’ll spend indoors. 

Prepare Your Fireplace

Who doesn’t love getting all cozy by the fireplace when the cold weather arrives? Though you might be getting the firewood together already, schedule an inspection and check that your chimney is clean and free of blockages. That way, when the first cold day hits, you’ll be all ready to go!

Check Safety Equipment

Another part of the fall season we look forward to is daylight savings, which is also the perfect time to make sure your home’s safety equipment is up to par! Replace batteries for your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, checking expiration dates and replacing fire extinguishers if needed, stock up and be prepared for power outages, and review an emergency plan with your family. 

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How Your Roof Affects Your Home’s Value

Over the years, you’ve worked hard to ensure that your home is a happy and inviting place to live. Now that you’re looking to sell, the quality of your roof is something that shouldn’t be last on your list. 

Problems with the roofing can be a major deal-breaker for houses on the market and significantly affect the overall value and chances of selling. You’ll want to make sure your roof is adding value rather than decreasing it.

How a Roof Affects Your Home’s Value

While most homeowners are mostly concerned with the roof’s ability to protect you and their valuables underneath it, there are other functions the roof is designed to do for your home, such as insulation and protection from the elements, making it a crucial factor.

Home inspectors always pay careful attention to the quality of your roof as it does play a major role in the home’s overall value. A roof that needs to be fixed or replaced soon will negatively impact the property’s appraisal value and could potentially be considered a “fixer-upper” for home listings.

How a New Roof Can Improve Your Home’s Value

If you are planning to sell your house, make sure to look into the roof’s condition. Newer roofs add plenty of value and make a big difference in your payout. In general, a new roof can add between 15% and 40% value to your home! Here are the ways a new roof contributes to an increased home value:

  • Function – A new roof ensures that the house will be properly protective over the rest of the home for years to come.
  • Curb appeal – The look and attractiveness play a significant role as well in your home’s value and sale potential. An improved and good-looking roof can add to the overall appeal and interest more buyers.
  • Fit into the neighborhood – Few people want a home that sticks out like a sore thumb from the surrounding houses. If you’ve chosen a roofing material that differs from the rest of the neighborhood, your resale value will likely decrease, especially if the houses are close to one another.
  • Energy Efficiency – An old roof doesn’t offer the same value in regard to energy efficiency and insulation as a new roof does. 

Knowing what to look for as well can help you determine whether or not you should be looking to get your roof redone. Make sure to look for various signs and damages to your roof that means it needs to be inspected or replaced!

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