Fall Roofing Maintenance Checklist

Have you gotten started on your fall roof maintenance yet? Don’t put it off for too long. The winter months can be particularly harsh for roofs as the frigid temperatures and heavy snow keep piling up. Keep your home and family safe all winter long by taking some time this fall to ensure your roof is ready for the season’s changes.    

Now that fall is here, be sure to cross these roof maintenance tasks off your checklist before winter arrives:

Trim Trees

Over hanging trees are one of the biggest threats to the safety of your home’s roof. Taking some time to trim back any branches that are hanging low is important in the protection of your house, as is getting rid of uprooted trees.

Take a Look in Your Attic

The condition of your attic can have a direct effect on the state of your roofing system. Go into your attic and give it a look over: check that the insulation isn’t blocking your vents, look for any unwanted animals hiding in your attic, and see if there are any holes in the roof. Don’t put this off, as you’ll need time to correct any of these issues before the temperatures get too cold! 

Clean and Inspect Your Gutters

It’s crucial that your gutters get cleaned and checked to ensure they’re working efficiently before winter storms arrive. Your gutter system helps reroute melted snow and rain safely away from your home’s foundation, and unfortunately, they get clogged easily, especially from fall leaves. So, be sure to safely DIY the gutter cleaning or call a local gutter expert to handle the job. If your system needs fixing or a replacement, be sure to get in contact with a gutter installation company.

Get a Proper Roof Inspection Done

The only way to be certain your roof is in the best condition possible is to call Landmark Exteriors to come and give a full inspection. After their assessment, the roofers will alert you to any damages or problems that will need to be addressed soon. Be sure not to put off any needed repairs, especially when winter is approaching.


We’re ready to help you with your next roofing project! The experts at Landmark Exteriors are here to help ensure your home’s roofing systems both look great and are functioning properly for years to come! Give us a call at (203) 838-3838 to learn more.

DIY Gutter Cleaning Tips

Gutters work hard all year round to make sure rainwater and melted snow is safely filtered away from your home’s foundation. Unfortunately, more than just water makes its way into your gutter system. Gutter cleaning should always be on your to-do’s as the seasons change to ensure they can keep doing their critical job.  

These five DIY tips for cleaning your gutters will help you get the job done in no time:

  1. Know when the right time is for the job.

Homeowners should expect to clean their gutters twice a year: once in the spring and then again in the fall. However, if your yard has trees towering over the roof, you may want to clean them more frequently since leaves build up quickly and blockages cause severe problems.

  1. Gather the necessary supplies.

First, you need to find a sturdy ladder so that you can reach your gutters and someone else who can watch and secure the ladder to ensure your safety. Next, you’ll also want to wear the right protective clothing, such as a long-sleeved shirt, glasses, and gloves. Lastly, get the tools you’ll need to get rid of all that gunk, such as a hand shovel and bucket. You may also want to lay a tarp over your grass to avoid any fallen debris from ruining your lawn or plants.  

  1. It’s time to clean.

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to get cleaning. Use your tools to scrape all the built-up gunk out of the gutters and into a bucket or down on your tarp. Once everything has been removed, use a hose to flush out the remaining dirt, check for leaks, and ensure all the clogs are gone.

  1. Don’t forget the downspouts.

Since downspouts typically have an area or two where they bend, debris can get stuck easily, and many people forget to clean these spots. Flushing the downspouts with a fast stream from a hose may be enough, but if not, try using a plumber’s snake! That should do the trick. 

  1. Give a thorough inspection.

Now that they’re cleaned, take a moment to check the gutters themselves and your roofing nearby for any signs of damage or debris that needs to also be removed. If there are any spots for concern in either your gutter or roofing systems, be sure to call your local roofing experts in CT for an inspection, repairs, and any needed replacements. 


When your gutter system needs raptors or a replacement, the experts at Landmark Exteriors are here to help. Give us a call at (203) 838-3838 to learn more.

Can I Get My Roof Replaced During The Fall?

Simply put, yes! The fall season is a great time to finally get that roof replacement you’ve been putting off for years. 

Take a look at these four reasons why autumn is the ideal time of year to get a roof replacement done:

Pleasant Weather For Your Roofers

The cooler temperatures and reduced heat make for more enjoyable and comfortable working conditions for your roofing team. The spring and summer heat can be exhausting while working on a roof, and the winter is just too cold.  

Repair Any Summer Damages

The summer weather’s intense heat, humidity and heavy storms can create many problems for your roofing system. A fall roof replacement ensures that those issues won’t be a problem moving forward.  

Quicker Installation

The cooler temperatures and dryer weather allow your roofers to work longer days and much quicker, helping reduce the time your roof installation will take. Fall conditions will also help speed up the drying time for the roofing sealant, allowing your roof to be finished quicker than in other seasons. 

Winter Takes a Toll On Any Roofing System

Winters in the Northeast are no joke, and your roof takes the brunt of it. Heavy snow, hail and winds can lead to various damages, especially leaks, which can be more difficult to repair during winter. Getting a roof replacement before the cold season starts can prevent the worry and risk of any severe damages due to intense weather. 


We’re ready to help you with your next roofing project! The experts at Landmark Exteriors are here to help ensure your home’s roofing systems both look great and are functioning properly for years to come! Give us a call at (203) 838-3838 to learn more.

How Does Roof Ventilation Work?

If you’re like most, you’re not spending much of your time thinking about your home’s roof ventilation system. But if you’re a homeowner, you definitely should know the purpose behind roof ventilation and how it helps keep your family comfortable and house safe.  

What is the Purpose of Roof Ventilation and How Does it Work?

Roof ventilation is used to help keep attics cool in the heat and dry in the colder months. With this system promoting natural airflow, your home will feel more comfortable since any humid, hot, and stale air now has a place to exit your house. A properly ventilated room offers various benefits, including lower energy bills, a more pleasant internal climate, and a decreased risk for damage to your home’s roof.

For both hot and cool climates, roof ventilation is crucial. In cool weather conditions, hot air trapped in an attic space can cause snow to melt and refreeze too quickly, causing cracks, ice dams, and other serious damage. In hot temperatures, roof vents allow hot air to escape from your home, providing a natural indoor cooling effect. Also, inadequate roof ventilation can cause your roofing materials to wear quicker and leave them more susceptible to costly damages. 

Common Roofing Vents

Some of the few common roofing vent types include: 

  • Static vents are vent-covered holes along the roof which have horizontal openings allowing air to move in and out.
  • Ridge vents can be found running along the peak of your roof. Aside from increasing airflow, they also protect your roof from rain and snow. 
  • Gable vents are located at the ends of the attic and are often used in combination with other vent types. 

If you have questions or concerns about your roof’s ventilation system, give the professionals at Landmark Exteriors a call. We’re experts in all things roof, including its ventilation system, and can help ensure everything is working properly.


We’re ready to help you with your next roofing project! The experts at Landmark Exteriors are here to help ensure your home’s roofing systems both look great and are functioning properly for years to come! Give us a call at (203) 838-3838 to learn more.