Signs Your Home Needs New Siding

Landmark Exteriors can Help You with Siding

You know it’s cold outside. You can feel the chill in the air. Do you feel it in your home, too? Is the problem that it is just too cold outside? Perhaps your siding needs replacement. How can you tell if it’s the latter? Below is a checklist of tell-tale signs it’s time for a replacement.

Bubbling and Blistering
Bubbling or blistering siding can be a tell-tale sign that it is time to replace it. We can help you to determine the level of degradation of your siding. We’ll also provide you with a reasonable cost for replacement.

Rain, Snow, Hail
Weather damage is a big problem in Connecticut. From wet spring to dry and hot summer and into the chill of fall, temperature changes can create damage to your siding. On top of the normal weather changes, hail, snow and sleet, ice, and the scorching summer sun can all reduce the life of your siding. The professionals at Landmark Exteriors are experienced with detecting even the faintest damage that may lead to higher expenses if your siding isn’t replaced quickly.

Fading color is a sign of aging siding. Are you ready to give your home a facelift? We will be happy to help you to upgrade the exterior of your home and provide you with a positive neighborhood image.

Hidden Damage
Crumbling along the edges is a sure indication of dry rot. This kind of damage can be hidden under the surface, too. An inspection by Landmark Exteriors will tell you if it is time to change your siding due to dry rot and other hidden damage. Cracks in the surface of your siding can be an indicator of more advanced damage under the surface, too. Stay on top of your home’s value as well as your on comfort by trusting our professionals to give your home an inspection and quote on replacement of your damaged siding.

High Energy Bills
Energy costs are rising everywhere. Is it because of the price of the energy, or is it because your home is leaking your valuable heat or air conditioning into the external environment through damaged or cracked siding? We will be happy to install new, attractive, energy-efficient siding on your home. Homeowners love the reduced energy costs, improved internal environment, and the added beautification of your home.

If you have any questions regarding your siding or siding installation, be sure to give Landmark Exteriors a call today: (203) 838-3838

Metal Roofing, Is It Right For My Home?

Have you ever been curious about getting metal roofing? Initially, the cost is a bit steep per square foot compared to other roofing materials such as shingles, yes, but it pays out in the long run. Let’s take a journey.

copper roofing
Metal roofs are fire resistant, shed off snow and ice, maintain cooler temperature during summer months, are almost always wind resistant (due to interlocking panels), lasts a lifetime, and will not leak (when properly installed). The lifetime of most metal roofs are anywhere from 40 to 70 years. Compared to regular asphalt roofing is 12 to 20 years. It’s lighter in weight which will assist your structures integrity overtime.  Realizing this now almost makes you wonder how long and why the information Gods have been holding out on you!

When comparing shingle roofing, imagine your metal roofing in a large storm. The metal roofing will absorb the abuse much easier. High wings, rain is riding in horizontally, and now hail is in the mix. What would be happening to those slightly cheaper shingles you decided to use as a roof? Once the storm finally passes and you can go look at the evidence and why you should have said “yes” to the metal roofing.

You can come back to reality and clearly see why metal roofing is always a fantastic choice for roofing. Not to mention, the installation of metal roofing is far less time-consuming than that of the labor of shingle roofing. Let’s not forget that it is fire resistant! Not to mention how gorgeous and shiny copper roofing looks if you go that route.

              Hands down, metal roofing is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for roofing. It lasts a lifetime, resist many weathering and natural disaster effects, and is cost efficient in the summertime by maintaining a cooler temperature than that of a house with regular shingles.  Contact Landmark Exteriors for a quote or if you have any questions at all.


National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

January 10 is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. Celebrate saving money! Now that the holiday excess is over, it’s time to think about reality and get efficient.

Simple Tips to Cut Your Energy Costs

  1. Turn the thermostat down to 67 or lower before you go to bed.
  2. Close off vents and doors to rooms rarely used.
  3. Turn down your thermostat when cooking with the oven.
  4. Only use energy efficient LED and CFL bulbs.
  5. Wash your clothes in cold not warm or hot water.
  6. Open curtains and drapes on sunny days and let the sun do its job!
  7. Change your furnace filter on a regular basis and keep it clean.

It doesn’t seem like much but, you’ll see a big difference when the energy bill comes in.

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day is a good time to assess the outside conditions of your home, too. Snow and ice are a way of life for us, and accumulations of it can have serious consequences to your home and how you live.

Roofs and Snow and Ice, Oh No!

Do you see icicle formations hanging from the roof around your home? Those icicles have the potential to damage your shingles and the gutters around the roof. Proper gutters are crucial for correct roof drainage. Gutters should be clean and free of debris and have no cracks to work effectively.

As warm air from your heating rises, or the sun shines, the shingles warm and cause snow and ice to melt. This snow, freeze, thaw cycle places stress on your roof and it can crack and leak. When freezing water expands it adds pressure to your roof and the size of the crack increases.

What About Siding?

Remember heat expands and cold contracts. During the times the sun comes out finally and gives us some warmth the siding on your house can take a beating.

If there are small gaps or cracks in your siding, they can widen during the snow, freeze, thaw cycle. Cracks and gaps in your siding allows a cold breeze in and if that area has plumbing, your pipes can freeze and burst.

Get started today on National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. Find out what you can do to save every day and contact Landmark Exteriors.

Getting Your Roof Through the Winter

One of the main results of poor winterization of roofs here in Connecticut is interior leaking. As in-home heating is running, it escapes the home because heat rises. Poorly insulated walls or attics allows the heat in-home to escape. 

The snow on top of your home will liquefy and enter through any nooks or breaks in the structure. Here are some tips to prevent any roof catastrophes this winter.

Do Not Use Rock Salt On Your Roof

Many people try applying rock salt or calcium chloride to melt the snow on the roof. This technique’s drawback is that it can damage your current shingles. One broken shingle may not sound like a problem, however, shingles work together to protect your roof! A single missing or broken shingle is a spot where water can get in.

Replace Cracked Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a very common choice for roofing.  When the temperate drops below freezing, they get brittle and tend to break or crack easily. When the water settles into these cracks, it freezes and expands, causing the cracks to become bigger. A cracked shingle, therefore, becomes counterproductive in the process of preventing leakage. It allows for the water to penetrate the cracks and flow into the inner side of the roof.

Add More Insulation

Missing insulation in the roofs of old houses and buildings makes the roof much more susceptible to mold and damages. Any amount of heating used to warm a room without an insulated roof and walls can leak outside. Thus, losing any heat created by your in-home heating unit. Getting insulation installed into your roof and walls will prevent spikes in your heating bill.

Make Necessary Repairs

If your roof is in disrepair, don’t wait until next season to address the problems — now is the time to fix these common roof repairs: 

  • Roof leaks
  • Damaged flashing
  • Clogged gutters
  • Lifted, missing or cracked shingles
  • Tree damage
  • Animal infestation

Have Your Roof Inspected Regularly

You can prevent any leaking by getting a routine inspection. A professional roofing contractor will be able to inspect your current siding and can look to see if there are any adjustments needed. 

It is a precarious undertaking to attempt these winter tips yourself and many homeowners can attest to the high risk of safety in doing so. Do not jeopardize your well-being and leave these dangerous tasks to professionals with the expertise and appropriate equipment.

Experienced and trained technicians at Landmark Exteriors can assist you with your winterization process right when you need it. For any roof inspection, roof repair, or roof replacement needs, contact the pros at Landmark Exteriors today. Make sure to enjoy your winter hassle-free!