Top 5 Roofing Tips for You

Roofing is kind of a big deal – you invest a lot of money in it and rely on it to keep your family safe. Of all the tips we could share with you to keep you and your roof in the best shape, here are five recommendations to consider:

Top 5 Roofing Tips for You | Roofing Companies Fairfield County | GreenwichKeep safe. Safety comes above everything else, especially when working on your roof. Be sure to wear shoes with good grip and protective gloves. When using a ladder, be sure to have someone spot you and hold the ladder at the base. Take your time and do not do any work if you are feeling under the weather or tired.

Choose quality material. When installing a new roof, you need to choose the right material. We recommend selecting a material of high quality – one that might cost you more money upfront, but will cost you less in repairs and to repair it in only a matter of 5 to 10 years. Some roofing materials have a 25 or 50 year warranty or even lifetime. The decision is yours to make, but consider the cost to repair first.

Keep gutters clear. You hear it all the time – fall is a great time to clear your gutters. But do you know why we even clean out gutters? It’s because we need to keep them free of leaves and debris so that melted ice can drain properly in winter. Be sure to check your downspouts too, which should be tilted away from your home and basement.

Ask about insurance. Check your homeowners insurance be make sure leaks and damage are covered. Roofs are a major investment, and you’ll need your policy to cover it. You also want to make sure your roofing contractor is insured (ask to see a license too while asking these kinds of questions).

Sign up for home care services. A home care service can keep your home (especially your roof) in great shape. Ask your roofing contractor about it and how you can sign up for routine maintenance as well as emergency repairs.

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