Why Summertime is When You Should Replace Your Home’s Siding

How is your summer going? Are you doing everything you want to be doing?

Relaxing, Vacationing. Spending time with your family and friends.

While doing all of these things is something we encourage, we also recommend you spend a small portion of your time providing your home with some much-needed maintenance.

One thing you should be inspecting and maintaining is your home’s siding — and if anything is wrong, summer is the perfect time to repair or replace it.

house siding in summer

The Warm Weather is Your Friend

The spring and summertime are when you should perform inspections of your siding to ensure it’s still in good condition. Why? Because it’s not freezing or snowing outside! (…and you can stay outside for longer than five minutes.)

This will allow you to go outside and give your siding an in-depth visual inspection, while also taking the time to look behind any damaged areas to ensure the layer underneath is in good condition.

This is also the time of the year when roofing and siding companies will be offering their services, as well as offering the best deals. So if you need siding help, NOW is the time to call!

Your Cooling Bills Are Out of Control

Did your jaw hit the floor when you opened your last energy bill?

If your energy bill is through the roof because of your cooling system, that means there’s warm air entering your home, which is causing your cooling system to work harder and longer to try and keep your home cool.

Homeowners with old (or damaged) siding and insulation can experience these high energy bills. Think of it as having one gigantic air leak that needs to be fixed.

The Siding is Warped or Rotted

Siding takes a lot of abuse from Mother Nature. Long, harsh winters of snow and freezing temperatures followed by hot and humid summers underneath the blazing hot sun.

These extreme temperatures and weather conditions can have a negative effect on your siding — especially if your siding is old, damaged, or neglected without the proper maintenance. Check for warping of the actual siding material and rotting of the layer underneath the siding (or the actual siding if you have a wood siding material).

If your siding is beginning to show signs of warping, repairs or replacements should be made immediately to prevent further damage. If there are signs of rotting underneath, you’re definitely due for a full siding replacement.

It’s summertime and you’re feeling fine — but how is your siding doing?

If it’s struggling to do its job of protecting and insulating your home, then it’s out with the old and in with the new!

Make sure you check your siding’s condition this summer and if you need any repairs or replacement, know that our siding contractors are simply a phone call away!