5 Common Patio/Deck Repairs to Complete for Summer

Warm weather means your backyard may become a hotspot for dinners, parties, and events. Here are five things that may cause you to repair your deck before your busy social calendar heats up this summer:

1. Water Damage

Just because your deck has been sealed once doesn’t mean it will prevent water damage indefinitely. Especially after winter snow storms and April showers, you should test your deck or patio’s water resistance. Sprinkle it with a few drops of water, and if the water seeps into your boards instead of beading, it’s time to reseal.

2. Fading Color

Wood naturally loses color over time, slowly fading to gray or white. Your faded patio or deck can actually be restored by cleaning any debris that may be stuck to the wood. If all else fails, a fresh coat of paint never hurt anyone!

3. Board Gaps

The enemy of high heels! Certain types of wood used for patios and decks may shrink over time, causing gaps in between the boards that can be dangerous for your family, pets, and guests. If you notice there is a gap between your boards, they will need to be replaced.

4. Wood Rot

The worst-case scenario for an unseal, unprotected deck is wood rot. This will cause your wooden boards to decay, and if left unfixed, to fall apart. The easiest way to replace rotten boards is to call on the help of a professional, who can inspect the area, replace boards, and seal or reseal your deck.

5.  Loose Handrail

A shaky handrail is an accident waiting to happen and is usually due to worn masonry anchors on your deck or patio. If your railing is rusted, you may want to consider replacing it altogether. Employing the help of a professional to put your handrail back into place, or remove it and install a new one, is the best course of action.

In the end, performing seasonal checks on your patio and deck can help you avoid costly repairs down the road and keep your friends and family safe. Landmark Exteriors is here to help! Whether you need a maintenance plan or just a last minute-repair, we’ve got you covered!  To speak with on one of our professional staff members, give us a call at 203.838.3838.