Fun Family Activities For the Backyard

young girl enjoying the outside yard

Your backyard is the perfect place to spend time as a family and get the kids active and out of the house.  With the weather getting warmer and nicer every day, being outside is becoming more and more enjoyable! To get your family to soak up some sun, consider these below activities: 

Games Galore

There are plenty of fun games to play outside as a family.  There are of course the traditional fun games to play such as tag, hide and seek or a scavenger hunt. There are also a wide variety of sports you can play or try out as a family such as soccer, whiffle ball, football, or badminton. Why not get creative and make your own ring toss, corn hole, or bocce game?  There are so many options that can be played by people of all ages right in the comfort of your own yard! 

Opt For Some Water Fun

If you have a pool you can jump in, go right ahead! If not, grab the sprinkler, gardening house, or even fill up some water balloons and have fun in the hot weather!

Let’s Eat

Take your family meals outdoors! Fire up the grill if you have one, eat dinner on your patio set instead of the kitchen, or go picnic style. Just don’t forget dessert, after all, it’s not summer without some s’mores!

Get Swinging

Do you have a sturdy tree branch in an open space in your backyard?  Give making an easy rope swing a try! With only a few materials needed and plenty of ways to make one, a rope swing will be a lot of fun making and enjoying all summer long.

Make a Garden

Get together and plant and decorate a family garden in an area of your backyard. Consider planting flowers or even make it a vegetable garden and decorate with painted rocks, stones, and shells. 

Movie time

Do you have a projector somewhere in the house? Grab the popcorn, pillows, blankets, and lawn chairs; it’s family outdoor movie night! Set up a white sheet against the house or on the lawn and project a favorite family movie or show you can all enjoy together.  Perfect for a warm summer evening!

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