How to Pick The Right Roof Shingle Color

Your home’s roof not only serves a critical purpose but also plays a significant role in your home’s overall aesthetic and appearance. Ensure your home’s exterior is complete by picking the right shingle color for your roof to match the rest of your home!

What to Consider When Choosing Your Roof Color

  • Where you live – In northern climates, natural sunlight has a slightly bluish hue, making gray and blue colors a safe option for your home exterior.
  • Temperature – Dark colors absorb heat while light colors reflect it.
  • Look at your neighbors – Looking at the roof colors of your neighbors can help you see what you like. Still, you may want to also consider how your home harmonizes with the surrounding environment, especially if you plan to sell soon.
  • Look at the other exterior elements of your home – Let all the different aspects of your home’s exterior guide you in your decision process. Make sure the color you pick for your roof will match the other elements.
  • Architectural style – Think about the architectural style of your home and make sure your roof color compliments that as well. Is your home more modern or traditional? Does it have a colonial, Spanish, or Mediterranean style of architecture?
  • Hide or standout – Do you want your roof to stand out from the other exterior elements, or do you want your roof to blend in more?

Matching Your Roof Color To Your Home

Here’s some guidance on what colors look best together based on the color of your house:

  1. Red – Dark brown, dark green, gray or black shingles.
  2. Blue – Black, gray, or white shingles.
  3. Beige/tan – Dark brown, black, dark red, gray, dark green, or dark blue shingles.
  4. Gray – Dark gray, black, dark blue, dark green, or white shingles.
  5. Brown – Dark gray, black, or dark blue shingles.
  6. Wood – Dark brown, black, or gray shingles.
  7. White – Just about any color shingles work!

Roofing in Fairfield County

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