How to Lower Your Energy Bill in Winter

All homeowners know that winter’s arrival also means you’re also expecting a much higher energy bill. Heating your home accounts for a large portion of that bill, making it necessary for many to find alternative ways to stay warm and keep costs down. Don’t worry; you’re not alone, and we’re here to help!

Take a look at these handy tips to help keep your energy bills a bit lower this winter season:

Set Your Thermostat Lower

The easiest way to save some money with a lower energy bill is to simply lower your thermostat. Don’t feel as though you need to suffer what feels like arctic temperatures while in the comfort of your home, but setting your thermostat just a few degrees lower can result in significant, long-term savings on your bill.

Bundle Up Instead 

Rather than cranking the heat when you feel cold, bundle up in some warm and cozy clothes! Put on some thick socks, slippers, sweaters, hats, and more to get rid of that uncomfortable chill. Don’t be afraid to add some extra blankets to your bed at night to keep you warm while you sleep.

Seal Up Air Leaks

Do you feel any chilly drafts inside your home? That means heat is escaping. Hunt down those air leaks and stop them by caulking or weather-stripping doors and windows. Make sure also to check that the attic, crawl-spaces, and other areas of your house are properly insulated. 

Let The Sun In

The most natural way to keep warm: the sun! If the sun is shining brightly during the day, open up those blinds and curtains and let the rays give your home some natural light and heat. As soon as the sun starts to set, close those blinds and curtains back up.

Close Your Fireplace When Not in Use

Lighting a fireplace is a great way to stay warm in your home. However, cold air will sneak inside when there is not fire. Be sure to keep your damper closed whenever the fireplace is not in use. 

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Don’t just keep your ceiling fans set to off this winter! Reverse your home’s ceiling fans to rotate clockwise, which will then help create an updraft, displacing the hot air gathered by the ceiling, so it can move downward and keep the whole room warm.


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Home Exterior Trends For 2021

Have you been putting off those home exterior renovations? Are you looking to modernize and redesign your house? 2021 is the perfect year to do so! 2021 is filled with exciting new trends that abound to make any home look modern and beautiful.  

Have the trendiest house on the block by trying out some of these exciting exterior home trends for the new year:

Extra Windows, Please!

Bright and airy interiors are totally on-trend and increasing in popularity for new homes, so naturally, lots of windows are a must! The appearance of windows and how they are shaped and accentuated can drastically change the overall look of your home and may just be the architectural eye-catcher you’ve been looking for.

Creamy White Paint

White will never go out of style, but painting your whole house the right shade of this neutral, is never easy. Creamy shades of white covering your home, whether you’re painting the brick or utilizing siding panels, are a top trend this year. Utilizing the right pleasing shade of white will give you the chance to experiment with various accent colors and architectural designs for other parts of your home, such as the roof, windows, doors, and more.

Intriguing Dark Colors

Others are deciding to go dark and mysterious when deciding on a new exterior color for their house. Dark paint colors have been increasing in popularity over the years, which will be no different in 2021. Homeowners are excited about taking dark colors such as navy blues, maroon, and dark grays and finding ways to make their home look unique and inviting. Dark colors are eye-catching, dramatic, and bold and also make for a perfect canvas for other colors, materials, and architectural elements for your house.

Different Sized Garage Doors

Garage doors, serving an important house function, can also be utilized as an eye-catching architectural element to your home’s overall design. This year, homeowners are experimenting with different sized garage doors for an exciting appearance and to take advantage of their available space as much as possible.

Copper & Metal Roofing

Shiny and durable copper or metal roofing is bound to be at its peak in popularity this year. If homeowners are looking for a unique and sensible new look for areas of their home, these roofing materials are a great option. Not only do they look beautiful, but they can also withstand all sorts of weather, are long-lasting, light-weight, and sustainable. 


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