Common Winter Roof Damage To Be Aware Of

Winter may be a beautiful season, but it can come with some costly damage to your home. Your roof is the main barrier to protect your house and all that’s inside it, but the elements can destroy even the best of roofs. It’s crucial that any homeowner is aware of all the potential risks and knows what to look out for during the winter season.

Take a look at these potentially dangerous situations for your homes roof:

Icicles and Ice Dams

Although icicles hanging off the side of your house are a beautiful sight, they can cause severe damage to your gutter system and your roof shingles. As well, icicles that fall off of trees onto your roof can create holes or cracks. If you notice an abundance of icicles hanging off your home, be sure to have a professional examine your roof, gutters, and insulation in the surrounding area for any leaks. If it is safe to do so, try to remove any icicles before they develop further.

Heavy Snowfall

Those fluffy snowflakes can really do some damage! If heavy snowfall is in the forecast frequently, you’ll want to pay extra close attention to the condition of your roof throughout the winter season. Snow can be mixed with ice, and though it may appear soft, it is heavy and will weigh down on your roof, causing shingle damage, leaks, and cracks. Contact a local professional to help examine and correct any roof damage, and have it cleared off if you have concerns.

Melting Snow

When snow first falls, there is the potential for damage, but snow melting can be even more dangerous. If the snow’s heavyweight isn’t enough, as it melts, it starts to pool and find its way through any cracks and holes and into your house, creating costly destruction. One of these risks is mold growth that can affect your families’ health. If you notice any leaks or cracks, call a professional immediately.


Those intense lumps of ice falling from the sky can be devastating to the condition of your roof. The force at which these ice chunks fall can easily knock shingles loose, damage them, or even punch right through and leave holes in the roof. Missing or damaged shingles don’t look good but are also a reason to give your local roofer a call to fix the problem.


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