How Does Roof Ventilation Work?

A home's roof ventilation system

If you’re like most, you’re not spending much of your time thinking about your home’s roof ventilation system. But if you’re a homeowner, you definitely should know the purpose behind roof ventilation and how it helps keep your family comfortable and house safe.  

What is the Purpose of Roof Ventilation and How Does it Work?

Roof ventilation is used to help keep attics cool in the heat and dry in the colder months. With this system promoting natural airflow, your home will feel more comfortable since any humid, hot, and stale air now has a place to exit your house. A properly ventilated room offers various benefits, including lower energy bills, a more pleasant internal climate, and a decreased risk for damage to your home’s roof.

For both hot and cool climates, roof ventilation is crucial. In cool weather conditions, hot air trapped in an attic space can cause snow to melt and refreeze too quickly, causing cracks, ice dams, and other serious damage. In hot temperatures, roof vents allow hot air to escape from your home, providing a natural indoor cooling effect. Also, inadequate roof ventilation can cause your roofing materials to wear quicker and leave them more susceptible to costly damages. 

Common Roofing Vents

Some of the few common roofing vent types include: 

  • Static vents are vent-covered holes along the roof which have horizontal openings allowing air to move in and out.
  • Ridge vents can be found running along the peak of your roof. Aside from increasing airflow, they also protect your roof from rain and snow. 
  • Gable vents are located at the ends of the attic and are often used in combination with other vent types. 

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