3 Common Issues From Clogged Gutters

Gutters clogged with water, leaves, and debris

Three Problems That Occurs From Clogged Gutters

You don’t realize the importance of having clean gutters until they no longer work. Gutters protect the siding and the foundation of your home by keeping water away. Numerous contaminants, such as leaves, can prohibit the functionality of the channels. Therefore, our team at Landmark Exteriors in Fairfield County, CT, is here to share the problems that stem from clogged gutters so that you can take preventive measures.

  1. Insect Infestation

Have you noticed more insects buzzing around? Sitting water in the gutters makes a perfect breeding ground for those pesky bugs (e.g., mosquitos) and other animals. With the combination of loose foliage and H2O, bees and wasps view it as a cozy spot to build nests. The insects’ infestation will become an aggravating problem quickly, so we recommend letting the professionals help you get to the root of the cause: clogged or broken gutters.

  1. Damp Basement

If your gutters are filled with water and other pollutants, it is unable to do their job. When that happens, it can cause water to pour down your foundation and seep through the walls, resulting in a wet basement. It can become extremely harmful if not taken care of properly, as mold can form from the overabundance of moisture.

  1. Foundation Damage

The most serious and expensive damage of them all — water can spill on your home’s structure and inside the walls. If there is water pooling around the foundation, it can cause erosion which will weaken the walls, leading to cracks and a serious, costly problem for you. A properly functioning and clean gutter system will carry H2O safely through a downspout, preventing it from touching your house.

Get Your Gutters Cleaned Today!

No need to deal with clogged gutters any longer. We offer gutter repairs and maintenance services at Landmark Exteriors, CT. We’ll ensure your home is in great shape to handle anything. Let us help you clean your gutters thoroughly by contacting us at (203) 838-3838.

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