5 Tips For Homeowners to Show Your Roof Some Love

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How to Give Your Roof Some TLC

Every homeowner knows that taking care of your roof is essential to preserving the beauty, value, and functionality of your home. But with all the other maintenance you must do around the house, it can be easy to overlook your roof. This month, consider giving your roof the extra TLC it deserves to ensure its longevity!

From the expert roofers at Landmark Exteriors, here are five tips for showing your roof some love so that it will continue to protect you and your home for many years to come:

1. Perform Regular Inspections

The best thing you can do for your roof is to have regular inspections performed by a professional. It’s best to get an inspection at least twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall, to make sure everything is okay. During these inspections, the professional will look for signs of damage or wear and tear, such as broken shingles, missing flashing, or cracked seals.   

2. Clean Your Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause a lot of damage to your roof if they’re not taken care of properly. To avoid this, clean out your gutters regularly to ensure they are free from debris like leaves and twigs that can cause clogs and blockages, which can lead to water damage on your roof.

3. Check For Moss & Algae Growth

Moss and algae growth on roofs is more common than you might think! These organisms feed off organic materials like wood shakes or asphalt shingles, making them vulnerable to decay. Not only does this look unsightly, but it can also lead to roof damage if left unchecked. Be sure to inspect for moss and algae growth periodically and take action, if necessary, by removing any existing growth or applying a moss-inhibiting product such as zinc strips or copper nails around areas where moss tends to grow quickly. 

4. Trim Trees & Branches

Overhanging trees and branches can be dangerous for roofs since they can easily scratch or puncture the surface if they come into contact with it during high winds or storms. They also provide shelter for birds and other animals that could build nests in crevices on the surface, leading to further damage over time if not removed promptly! It’s best practice to trim any trees/branches near your property that may pose a threat before they do any harm, so keep an eye out every now and then!

5. Remove Debris From Around The Area

Finally, another simple way to keep your roof in tip-top shape is by removing any debris around the area, such as leaves, twigs, etc., which could encourage moss/algae growth or even attract pests that could eventually wreak havoc on its structure over time.

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