6 Ways to Help Protect Your Home Against Freezing Temperatures

Whether you’re in Fairfield or Westchester counties (or Long Island), you’re no stranger to frigid winter storms — and the problems they can create for homeowners.

We tend to receive many questions from residents concerned about protecting their property from weather-related damage. So we’re here to help!

If you have not already done so, consider taking the below six steps to help prepare your home for freezing temperatures:

1. Caulk, Weather-Strip, And Insulate

You’ll stay warmer and prevent drafts by caulking around window and door frames and by installing weather strips beneath exterior doors. Also insulate walls and attics well. Taking these measures helps conserve heat. Make sure you insulate the attic floor well to prevent warm air from leaving the home rapidly and rising up to the roof (where it might promote the development of ice dams).

2. Maintain Effective Attic Ventilation

Keeping the attic in a well-ventilated condition also helps prevent dangerous rooftop ice dams. An experienced professional can assist you in installing an attic ventilation system.

3. Repair Roof Leaks Promptly

By maintaining your roof in a leak-free condition, you’ll help shelter your household against inclement weather. Leaky roofs allow moisture to enter the residence.

4. Keep Fireplace Flues Closed When Not in Use

When you don’t have a fire burning in the fireplace, consider closing the flue. This channel, designed to allow the release of smoke, enables cold air to enter the premises from outdoors through an empty fireplace.

5. Protect Exposed Basement And Crawl Space Water Pipes

Wrapping cloth and masking tape around poorly insulated basement and crawl space water pipes also helps prevent freeze damage.

6. Leave Indoor Faucets Dripping

If you reside in your home during the winter, consider leaving a small flow of water trickling through interior faucets. This action may help reduce problems associated with frozen pipes. Since water expands when frozen, the pipe may eventually sustain damage, and cause leakage problems in the future.

Taking these helpful cold-weather maintenance steps might even assist you in lowering high winter utility bills!

And remember, the professionals at Landmark Exteriors are just a call away! Contact us at 203-838-3838 about any cold weather roofing concerns.

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