Benefits of Snow Guard Installation

Closeup snow guard for safety in winter on house roof top covered with ceramic shingles. Tiled covering of building.

Importance of Roof Snow Guard Installation

Winter brings all types of cold weather to our environments and houses. Snow can be a fun surprise to play in or enjoy watching as it falls. But, it can also be dangerous to your house and property. Snow buildup can harm your roof and foundation and can cause injuries, which is why Landmark Exteriors is here to let you know the many benefits of a snow guard for your home’s roofing system.

What Are Snow Guards?

Winter storms cause snow to collect on the roof, and as that snow melts, layers of ice can form between the surface and the snow. This can cause the snow to then fall down in large sheets, damaging your roof or causing injury to people and other properties. 

Snow guards work to catch and spread out the snow and ice that falls on the roof. This allows the snow to melt slowly and not fall off all at once. Certain types of roofing, including metal roofs, are especially in need of these because their materials offer little friction to stop snow from falling off.

Improved Home Safety, Liability, and Value

Installing snow guards protects you and your house. They prevent large, heavy piles of snow from falling on people, animals, and items below. By reducing the chance of this happening, you’re also lessening the possibility of paying for any damages, which can be upwards of thousands of dollars.

In addition to prevention, snow guards can also increase the price of your home if you decide to sell it. They will be seen as a special feature and shown to be safe, effective, and money-saving for the new homeowner!

Long-Term Roof and Property Protection

Snow guards will also prevent cracking and roof issues that could break down the foundation and lead to leaks in your property. The weight of the snow can affect other areas of your building, including the gutters and HVAC systems. Falling snow can also flood your home’s base. This damage can be costly, so having snow guards also helps you save money.

Install Your Snow Guards Today!

Now that you recognize the importance and value of snow guards, confide in a trusted team to get the job done! At Landmark Exteriors in Fairfield County, CT, and Westchester County, NY, we provide expert snow guard installation, inspection, and maintenance services. We take pride in providing the highest quality service and care to our customers. 

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