Best Spring Flowering Trees For Your Connecticut Home

flowering dogwood

There’s something special about spring in Connecticut! Flowering trees that bloom when spring arrives is one of the excellent showings of all the great plant life that thrive in this warmer weather here in CT. Flowering trees look pretty, smell amazing, and also play an important role in feeding pollinators.

If you’re looking to spruce up your Connecticut yard, consider adding these spring-blossoming trees:

Eastern Redbud

If you’re looking for a colorful spring-esque flowering tree, eastern redbuds are a perfect choice. Their brilliant purple, red, pink flowers line their broad branches come mid-spring creating a pretty shape in any garden or landscape. Pollinators also love these flowers; just make sure they get plenty of water and proper fertilization to protect them from the heat.  


This shrubby tree native to easter United States is more compact with its branches growing far with an explosion of crisp white flowers and a recognizable yellow center. Consider planting your serviceberry tree in front of your evergreens, so their spring white petals pop against the dark backdrop, and their fall foliage colors of red, yellow, and orange will stand out beautifully too.

Sweetbay Magnolia

Magnolia leaves have simple, dark green leaves that provide the perfect backdrop for their stunning, cupped white petals. The flowers on a Sweetbay Magnolia are often loved for their fresh aroma and strong resistance to pests and diseases. When the flowers’ seed pods are produced after blooming, revealing their bright red seeds, more birds and other wildlife may even visit your property.


Dogwoods, especially Korean dogwoods, boast beautifully crisp, yellow, and white flowers when they bloom. A popular landscape addition for Connecticut homeowners, these trees are reliably disease resistant and incredibly picturesque.  

Flowering Cherries

Weeping flowering cherries are classic spring with their bright pink blooms mid-season. One of the reasons homeowners love planting this tree is that after spring ends and the pink tones in the petals begin to fade, they turn to coppery shades of burgundy come fall time. 

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