How April Showers Affect Your Roof

Hard Rain Falling on Roof with Rain Gutters

How Rain Causes Roof Damage

Springtime in Connecticut means plenty of rain, wind, and more rain. Though that means we can expect lots of beautiful flowers once May comes, your roof may suffer some damage in the process. 

Your home’s roof is the first line of defense against severe weather, but heavy storms can compromise and damage your roofing system in many ways. Intense rainfall and fast winds can cause shingles to blow off, curl, or crack, leaving your roof vulnerable to even worse damages such as leaks: the most serious and common destruction caused by storms. If water finds its way into your house, you also may be left to deal with unsightly and dangerous mold or rot. 

Seeking help from your local roofing experts to repair any storm-caused damage and regular inspections is essential for maintaining a safe and functioning roofing system to protect you, your family, and your home. 

Tips To Prevent Roof Leaks

As previously mentioned, heavy rain storms can cause damage to your roofing system, resulting in leaks. The best way to rest assured that your roof is strong and less likely to spring leaks is with these tips:

  • Routine maintenance and inspections – Enlisting the help of a roofing professional for regular maintenance and inspections can extend the lifespan of your roof and prevent serious and costly damages. 
  • Inspect on your own – Make time to periodically check your roof, attic, and walls for any evidence of leaks or other damage that may need attention. 
  • Check your drainage system – Give your gutters a lookover to make sure they are working properly and are safely draining water off your roof and away from your house’s foundation. As well, make sure there are no areas of your roof where water could be pooling. 
  • Remove debris – Any debris such as sticks, branches, and leaves should always be removed from your roof to prevent clogs in the drainage system and avoid damage to the shingles.

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