How Ice And Snow Affects Your Roof

A roof rake is being used to remove snow from a winter roof. Large amounts of snow are often removed, using this method, to prevent ice dams and reduce excess weight. Ice dams form when melted roof snow freezes at the gutter sometimes leading to damage to the roof edge.

There’s nothing like a beautiful snowfall during the winter season! While it’s undoubtedly an incredible site, lots of snow and ice falling on your roof with nowhere to go can for sure be a nightmare. We’re here to help you be prepared before more snow falls, so you can ensure your roof is well-protected.

Take a look at all the ways snow and ice can negatively impact your roof and home, so you know to be cautious:

Roof Stress

Snow and ice don’t run easily off of your roof as rain does. The added weight and pressure from built-up snow and ice, especially in back to back snowstorms, can cause severe stress and potential damage to your roof. In a worst-case scenario, part of the roof can collapse. Take a look inside at your ceilings to spot any signs of stress such as leaks, tiles falling, etc., and call a professional if you have any concerns.

Ice Dams

If there is enough ice accumulating on the roof, ice dams can form. Ice dams are created from ice and snow melting and flowing down off of the roof and then freezing again right at the edge. Not only can this cause water damage, but ice dams could also potentially destroy your gutters.

Freeze and Thaw Cycle

As the snow and ice thaw and then freeze, often in a repeated cycle, damage can happen quickly. The melted water seeps into any cracks, and then, when the water freezes, those cracks will widen and cause more damage and possibly lead to mold and mildew developing in your living areas.


While they may be pretty to look at, those icicles hanging off the sides of your roof can be hazardous. Not only do you have to worry about one falling on you unexpectedly, but forming icicles can be a sign that you have more significant problems at hand, including gutter blockages and roof damage.

Damage From Roof Snow Removal

Having snow removed from a roof is often a necessary step in protecting your home during a heavy snow season, but this is no easy task. Since it’s easy to remove shingles accidentally, make holes or cracks in the roof during removal, it’s best to call in a professional to do the job correctly and safely.


The experts at Landmark Exteriors are here to help protect your roof and home from the dangers of snow and ice! Give us a call at (203) 838-3838 to learn more about our services that are here to help your home look and perform its best and keep you safe all winter season long.

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