How Proper Attic Insulation Helps Your Roof

Foam plastic Insulation of a new home on a new roof

What are the Benefits of Attic Insulation?

When you’re a homeowner, there’s a chance you have a running list of everything you need to do to keep your most prized possession — your home —  afloat for the years to come. And while an attic is usually an afterthought in most cases, it should be front and center on your list — along with your roof. 

That said, if you have not had insulation installed in your home’s “bonus space” or the current insulation has seen better days, here’s why you should consider having it installed or reapplied by a trusted professional.

Extends the Lifespan of Your Roof

Let’s cut to the chase: Having proper insulation in your attic will help extend the lifespan of your roof. This is possible because home insulation acts as a barrier between your humble abode and the elements. And since your roof gets the brunt of the proverbial stick from Mother Nature, the space needs all the help it can receive to reduce the likelihood of a problem from occurring.

Insulation in your attic, when installed properly, will help save the underside of your roof from condensation. Unfortunately, more times than most, when an attic is insulation-less, condensation can cause wood-rot — and that’s only the start of an unfortunate series of element-related events for your roof.

Protects Your Roof From Harsh Elements

Remember how we discussed that insulation could prevent condensation from forming in your attic? Well, it can also prevent ice dams from forming on your roof. When heavy, melting snowfall refreezes in the evening, that’s when an ice dam starts. However, insulation in your attic will help keep the heat present and lessen the possibility of ice dams forming.

Now, in the summertime, your roofing materials may begin to deteriorate if heat begins to rise to your roof. Luckily, having the proper attic insulation in place will prevent that from occurring. Additionally, insulation will also help keep your home cool and cut energy costs in half; you’ll find yourself tampering with the thermostat on your central air conditioner less often!

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