How the Sun Affects Your Roof

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The Threat From Above

When you think of roof damage, winds or storms may come to mind as the apparent troublemakers. But there’s another threat to your roof, one that is far more subtle and long-term – the sun.

Here are just a few of the ways that sunlight can potentially damage your roof, and what you can do to stay on top of the problem:


Think driftwood: being exposed to direct sunlight every day is what causes the wood’s original color to bleach and eventually fade. The same thing can happen to your roof, especially if your roof has darker colored shingles.

Warping and Cracking

Damage from the sun’s UV rays can cause your roof to warp. When summer temperatures reach around the 100 °F barrier your roof tiles will expand, while in the winter or milder days your tiles will contract. The constant heating and cooling of your tiles causes them to loosen, and eventually, tiles can fall out of place.


Prolonged exposure to the sun will cause your roof’s shingles to start decaying. If your shingles appear to be rotten, missing chunks, or deformed in any way, they are showing signs of decay and it is important to get your roof repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

What Can I Do About Roof Damage?

To stay on top of any sun damage to your roof, it’s important to perform routine checks. Pull out a ladder and place it against your home, and without stepping out onto the roof, check for signs of decay or damage. Do a visual inspection to look for signs of cracks, shifted or warped tiles, and check your drainage systems while you’re up there!
Sunlight wears your roof out over time, contact Landmark Exteriors to stay on top of your roof maintenance! We are here to replace those old, warped or decayed shingles, tiles, or to help with a complete roof renovation. Call us at 203.838.3838 today to schedule an appointment!

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