How to Care For Your Siding During Winter

Architectural detail of house with emphasis on roof area. This is a good image to illustrate the need for a good roof in the winter. It also shows the vynal siding very nicely. Please also look at these images:

Winter weather can be harsh on your home’s siding, which is why, as a homeowner, you need to do your part to protect it! When you give your siding the care and attention it deserves, it can stay looking great and functioning properly for much longer. 

From the team at Landmark Exteriors, here are some important tips to help ensure your home’s siding is well protected this winter season:

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is considered a homeowner favorite for its ease of maintenance. But with these tips, you’ll help your vinyl siding last longer than expected and prevent damages:

  • Don’t handle installs in the cold – If you need to install some new vinyl siding, do it in the spring and never in the cold weather to avoid siding expansion. 
  • Rinse and clean – Before winter, it’s best to give your siding a nice rinse down to remove any dirt, grime, or mildew. If you’re trying to remove stains, use a gentle soap or specialized siding cleaner.

Wood Siding 

More and more homeowners are choosing wood siding for their homes for its classically beautiful appearance and durability, but it requires regular care to ensure it stays in good shape. 

  • Visual inspection – It’s crucial to keep an eye out for any concerns, especially during winter. Excess moisture from snow and ice leads to rot and wear and tear, which will need to be repaired. 
  • Treat the wood – To help the wood withstand all the excess water and moisture, seal the wood siding with a stain, sealer, or paint. A fresh coat should be applied at least every two years for the best results and protection.
  • Get repairs done quickly – If there are any loose, rotten, or warped siding boards, don’t hesitate to get repairs done quickly, or the problems can worsen and be more costly.

Fiber Cement Siding 

Fiber cement siding is well known for being incredibly durable and weather resistant, but this type of material can benefit from some extra TLC before and during winter to help it stay in its best shape: 

  • Give it a paint job – Painting fiber cement regularly is important to help it last long, especially if you notice any fading. 
  • Check the caulking – Water damage from all the snow and loss of heat inside your home can occur if there are any damages or gaps in the caulking, so be sure to check this regularly and get any issues fixed. 

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