How to Green Your Home

A little can go a long way when it comes to helping the environment. See below for some quick tips on how to make your home more eco-friendly, while also saving money on your utility bills!

Give your home a green makeover. 

One of the easiest ways to green your home is by switching over to energy-efficient light bulbs. They not only save energy, but they last longer than traditional bulbs.

You may also consider replacing energy-inefficient appliances with smarter options. When it’s time for a new refrigerator, washing machine, microwave or air conditioner, look for products with the Energy Star label — all of which have a high level of energy efficiency.

Stop wasting water. 

Look for ways you can prevent water waste around your home. Do you leave the water running while brushing your teeth? Turn it off! According to the EPA, doing this can save 8 gallons of water per day.

Notice a small drip from your faucet? Get it fixed! Leaks, regardless of how small, can result in a huge source of water waste in the home (9,400 gallons of water annually, to be exact).

Cool your home wisely. 

The summer season is just around the corner! How will you stay cool? For starters, if you have an air conditioner, you’ll want to keep the cool air inside your home, right? Now is the time to make sure all windows, doors and your attic are properly insulated.

You may also want to install a programmable thermostat if you haven’t already. This device helps to regulate temperatures inside your home at certain times of the day.

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