How to Prepare for a Roof Replacement

An historic home with a metal roof.

What You Need to Know Before Starting a Roof Replacement

Getting a new roof for your home is an exciting and important investment. Though you’re likely looking forward to the moment you can view your new finished roof, you may be nervous about the disruption and hazards the project can cause. 

Don’t worry; your roofing team knows what they’re doing! To put yourself at further ease, here are six steps to take before the roofers arrive to ensure your home is protected and the project runs smoothly: 

Clear Off Your Property

During a roof replacement, there is always a risk of shingles, tools, and other debris falling off your roof. To avoid damage, relocate any furniture or decorations on your property away from your house or inside where they will be safe.

Prep The Indoors

Just like outside, roof replacements can also disrupt your furniture and decorations indoors. Avoid vibrations from tools and work knocking off your wall decor by taking them off before they arrive, especially on the top floors. As well, consider covering or relocating any important items and storage sitting in your attic – dust and dirt may fall on them during the project. 

Relocate Your Cars

Relocating your cars out of your driveway and away from your home is essential – not only will this prevent any risk of damage, but it will also free up space for the roofing team to park their vehicles and do their work. The workers will really appreciate that extra convenience! 

Consider Your Kids and Pets

Like other construction sites, a roof replacement can be overwhelming and hazardous for your kids and pets. Be sure to inform your children about the upcoming project, what they can expect, and what boundaries need to be set to ensure they stay out of harm’s way. As well, make arrangements to ensure your pets stay clear of the outdoors surrounding your house.

Identify Power Outlets

Your roofers are going to need access to power outlets throughout the project. Be ahead of the game by identifying any outdoor or garage outlets the team can access. If extension cords may be needed, have those readily available. If the best power source is inside your home, be prepared to have cables running through your windows and doors. 

Let Your Neighbors Know

Lastly, don’t forget to let your neighbors know — it’s the neighborly thing to do! The roofing replacement will cause some unexpected commotion, noise, and potential hazards for their property, too; before the roofers arrive, give your neighbors a heads up so they can also get prepared.

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