How To Remove Ice Dams

icicles on the eaves

Icicles hanging off the side of your home may be a beautiful sight to see after a snowstorm, but in reality, you don’t want them on your house. That’s because the same conditions that create these icicles also make ice dams – thick ridges of ice that build up along the sides of your roof. 

Why are Ice Dams a Problem? 

Ice dams are dangerous for you and your home – they can fall off suddenly and hurt anyone below it or cause damage to your roofing system and more. Dams can tear off your gutters, loosen shingles, and create holes in your roof, leading to leaks. This damage can be seriously costly and lead to even more issues. As a homeowner, it’s important to look out for these ice dams and have them removed as soon as you can. 

How To Get Rid of Ice Dams

Trying to hack away at the ice dams with a hammer, chisel, or other tools of your choice can damage your roofing without you realizing it. Throwing ice as well may sound like a good idea, but it can do more harm to your plants below than the ice dams themselves. 

If you’re looking to get rid of formed ice dams hanging off your roof to avoid damage, we have a couple of ideas for you. Use these methods to get your ice dams removed from your roof quickly:

  • Blow cold air in – If there are active leaks due to the ice dams, take a fan into your attic and aim it at the underside of the roof where the ice is melting. 
  • Rake it off – Use a long-handled roof rake to pull off the snow and ice hanging off your roof. Make sure you are standing safely on the ground, away from where the snow will fall. 
  • De-icing – Make your own de-icing product by taking a spare pantyhose or stocking and filling it with a calcium chloride ice melter. Then, lay your newly crafted de-icer onto your roof so that it crosses the ice dam and slightly overhangs your gutters. 
  • Hire professional help – The best and safest way to have your ice dams removed is to call a team of professionals for help, likely a local roofing contractor. They’ll be able to remove the ice dams and spot any signs of damage that will need to be addressed. 

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