The Importance Of Historic Building Preservation

When you think of a historic building or home, you may think old and trouble. But, what’s historic is actually worth saving. Here are four reasons why preserving historic buildings are so important.

The Importance Of Historic Building Preservation | Roofing Specialists | CT | Landmark Exteriors |
1. Old buildings have natural value.
Buildings of a specific time period, namely pre-World War II, tend to be built with higher-quality materials — heart pine and rare wood from old forests than no longer exist. Prewar buildings sometimes even have better structures, due to the different building structures from years ago.

2. You could be saving a building with serious value.
For instance, a decade ago,the Daylight Building in Knoxville went on the market. During renovations they found drop-ceilings made with heart-pine wood, a large clerestory, and a facade lined with bright copper.

3. Old buildings attract people.
Maybe it’s the style, or the materials it’s made of, but older buildings are always topic of conversation for homeowners.

4. Old buildings are a reminder of our culture.
Historic buildings are famous for tourists and even longtime residents. To be able to witness history brings a sense of permanency and heritage to a community.

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