Pressure Washing Tips For Beginners

cleaning terrace with a power washer - high water pressure cleaner on wooden terrace surface

New to pressure washing? We’re here to help! Pressure washers can even be fun to use and give you quick and effective results when cleaning the exterior of your home. Pressure washing enables you to remove dirt, grime, and other stains from your patio, deck, fence, or siding to help your home look good as new! 

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your pressure washing with these helpful tips:

Your Pressure Washer Options

The pump to the pressure washer can be powered by either gasoline or electricity. So is a gas or electric-powered power washer better for you?

  • Gas – With a gas-powered pressure washer, you can clean more efficiently and faster than with electric because you there are a wide range of PSI (pounds of pressure per square inch) and GPM (gallons of water per minute) levels to use. Gas pressure washers are also cordless, and you don’t need to be near a power outlet. On the other hand, gas power washers require regular maintenance, need the oil changed periodically, are louder, and produce environmentally-harmful emissions.
  • Electric – With an electric-powered pressure washer, there are no harmful emissions, and you won’t have to worry about maintenance and oil changes. However, they are less powerful, and you need to be near a power outlet.

Tips for Pressure Wash Effectively

  • Preparation – Clear off any debris on the area you plan to pressure wash before starting. Lay tarps over any plants or furniture near you that you don’t want to get damaged.
  • Choose the right nozzle – The nozzle you choose will affect the angle and strength of the spray and depend on what material you are pressure washing.
  • Safety first – Always wear eye and hearing protection since pressure washers are very loud, and debris can spray back on to your face. Check that all the connections are secure, and your pressure washer has had proper maintenance.
  • Grip tightly – Hold the sprayer with two hands when starting to make sure that it doesn’t fly out of your hands.
  • Direction – Move the sprayer in an even, continuous motion up and down or side to side.
  • Be careful – Avoid windows as they could break, don’t use too much force on your home’s siding to avoid moisture leaking through, and stay focused on the task to prevent damage or injury.

Exterior Home Maintenance in Connecticut

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