Snow Removal Services for Winter

Keep your home’s roof safe this winter. With winter rapidly approaching, many people feel as if they are not prepared for the snow and ice that will blanket their homes.

The most common services that can assist these homeowners in making the winter more bearable are:

  • Roof snow removal
  • Snow Guard Installation

Having snow removed from a home’s roof can prevent ice damming from occurring. Ice dams typically form from snow accumulation in dirty gutters and can back up water on a roof, forcing it into the home. This can cause damage to the home’s roof, ceilings, wiring, walls, and floors. Snow guards are also used to prevent snow and ice from suddenly breaking free from the roof and causing damage to structures below. These products can hold the snow in place until it can be removed by a professional.

Shoveling Snow

Some homes may require maintenance to be performed on them due to damage incurred in past winters. It is important to have these problems fixed as soon as possible so that a small problem does not turn into a huge expense. Areas most commonly in need of repair due to inclement conditions are:

  • Roofs
  • Siding
  • Gutters
  • Decks 

What causes damage to roofs?

Snow dams and ice-laden branches can damage a roof. If the roof is not properly repaired, water and ice can find their way into the interior of the home. This will damage drywall, rot wooden support beams and even affect the foundation. Water that has found its way into a crack in a house’s siding can quickly turn to ice in the winter. As water freezes, it expands and this expansion can crack or pop loose siding, leaving a bigger exposed area for more water to get into.

Also, snow and ice can bend or dislodge a gutter due to the weight of large icicles and heavy snow. Once a gutter is removed in this fashion, it creates a place for water and ice to seep in, which will further damage the home. Lastly, large chunks of ice or fallen gutters can break boards in decking and knock loose deck railings. This can present a safety hazard for those living in the house and can cause mold to form in the spring. Wood rot can also occur.

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