Exterior Home Care Services with Landmark Exteriors

Beyond Roofing and Siding: Exterior Home Care Services From Landmark Exteriors

When it comes to exterior home care, most homeowners often consider roofing and siding their top priorities. The truth is, your home’s exterior needs more than just these two elements to stay in top condition. 

At Landmark Exteriors, we take pride in offering a range of exterior home care services that go beyond roofing and siding. Our team has covered everything from fixing outdoor light fixtures to fence repair. Here are some of the home care services that we offer to our clients:

1. Fixing Exterior Light Fixtures

A well-lit exterior is essential for both aesthetics and safety, and properly functioning light fixtures are crucial to achieving this. At Landmark Exteriors, we understand the importance of well-lit outdoor spaces. Our home care services include the repair and replacement of those hard-to-reach exterior light fixtures. Whether you’re dealing with a flickering light or a completely broken fixture, we have the expertise to restore your exterior lighting to its full functionality.

2. Trim Rot Repair

Wood trim rot can significantly compromise the structural integrity of your home’s exterior. When neglected, it can also lead to further damage, such as mold growth and pest infestations. Our team of experts at Landmark Exteriors specializes in wood rot repair, and we have all the necessary tools and materials to tackle any trim rot problem. With our home care services, you can rest assured that your home’s exterior is well-protected against rot and other types of damage.

3. Power Washing Patios and Decks

Your patios and decks are the most utilized outdoor spaces in your home. As such, they accumulate dirt, grime, and other types of debris over time, making them look unattractive and uninviting. Fortunately, Landmark Exteriors offers power washing services to remove dirt, grime, and other stains from your patios and decks. Our team of professionals uses state-of-the-art equipment to eliminate all stubborn stains and restore the original beauty of your outdoor spaces.

4. Gutter Repair

Gutter systems play a crucial role in keeping your home’s exterior in good condition. They are responsible for directing rainwater away from your home’s foundation, preventing water damage and other outdoor hazards. However, gutters can also get damaged over time, resulting in clogs, leaks, and more issues. At Landmark Exteriors, we offer a range of gutter repair services to keep your gutters functioning properly to prevent costly damage to your home’s exterior.

5. Fence Repair

Your home’s fence is more than just a boundary marker. It also serves a crucial security and aesthetic function. However, fence damage can quickly compromise both the safety and aesthetic of your home’s exterior. Our home care services include fence repair, ensuring that your fence functions at full capacity and looks its best.

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